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Strop Paste - What Is It and How To Use It

Strop pastes come in two types, abrasive and non-abrasive. It is important to remember that pastes should be used only on leather strops that are reserved for that purpose. Never use different grades of paste on the same leather strop.

The main types of strop paste available are:

Yellow Strop PasteYellow Strop Passte

For the everyday use leather strop it is important to maintain the quality of the leather, this is best achieved with a non abrasive yellow strop paste. The paste should be worked (sparingly) into the leather strop with the palm of your hand with minimal pressure.

Treatment with yellow paste will not only keep the leather strop smooth, but will also prevent it drying out which could result in cracks hereby damaging the razor.


Green Strop PasteGreen Strop Paste

This is a coarse abrasive strop paste for use with either a hanging leather strop, the green side of a hand held leather strop or the leather side of a hand held leather and honing stone strop. Green strop paste must never be used with the ‘everyday use' strop. This must be used only when the edge of the razor begins to dull.

Stropping with an abrasive paste can extend the period of time between honing. We only recommend using an abrasive strop paste on your leather strop if you are an experienced cut throat razor shaver. Incorrect use can cause damage to your razor that will be expensive to fix.


Black and Red PasteBlack and Red Strop Paste

This is a two-part set of abrasive pastes.

Note they must be used on separate leather strops so that they do not contaminate or mix grades.The red is the coarser of the two with the fine coarse black used for polishing the edge.


White PasteWhite Strop Paste

White is a fine polishing abrasive paste for use on the linen or canvas side of a hanging strop.


For advice on how to correctly use the right strop paste with your leather strop and razor call us on 0141 880 3040, or email us at

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