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Shaving Tips For Women

Shaving properly with the right gear will ensure that your skin will feel smooth and refreshed and free from problems associated with wet shaving legs, underarms and intimate pubic areas.

Wet shaving gives you more effective, closer shaves and better looking skin. For intimate areas, wet shave first then finish off with a Cleancut razor for a completely smooth Brazilian finish.


To obtain the best, most satisfying results from wet shaving it is important to make sure the area you are about to shave is well prepared. Trim long hair with scissors before shaving. If you don’t the razor will ‘clog’ and soon become blunt making the shave painful as it will pull and snatch at the hair. Lubricate the area well as the razor needs to glide over it and not drag, pull or snatch.

Shave in a hot bath and apply a rich creamy lather. The layer of hot water between your skin and the lather causes the blade to skim the surface instead of dragging and pulling on it, which is the main cause of razor burn, shave bumps and other irritations. 

Shaving creams and shaving gels give a rich, lubricating lather that softens and moisturises the skin and provides slip and glide to allow the shaving razor a smooth, nick free passage over the area.

For best results, use a shaving brush to apply the shaving cream for a close, comfortable shave and soft, smooth skin.
Brushing across your skin has an exfoliate effect, but the greatest benefit from using a shaving brush is that it will soften and lift your hair before a shave, allowing for a smooth, close trouble free shave.
Applying shaving cream by hand ‘mats’ hair or raises it unevenly. Using the shaving brush in a circular motion prevents this and forms a rich, moisturising lather suitable for the shave.



The best preparation in the world will amount to nothing if you do not use a good razor. There is now a huge market for women’s razors but we generally recommend a Gillette Mach3 Razor as they do give good results providing the blade is sharp. If you use a cartridge type razor such as a Mach3 then we strongly recommend that you use a RazorPit Blade Sharpener. The unique technology used in the RazorPit allows you to always have a sharp blade extend the life of your razor blades for up to 150 uses!

Shaving Brush

The term shave brush or shaving brush refers to an implement with bristles set into a handle which is used to apply shaving soap or shaving cream to the skin when shaving. Luxury handcrafted handles can be made from fine materials such as ivory or even gold and are designed to feel well-balanced in the hand. The bristle load may be composed of any number of natural or synthetic materials. We find that badger hair brushes are the best on the market. 

Quality shaving brushes are expensive, so it makes sense to look after them.

After the shave rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in warm water, squeeze the head of the brush gently and then flick it a few times to get rid of excess water.

Place your shaving brush on a brush stand, so the water can drip away from the base of the brush hair.

Never - I repeat - never stand your brush on its end, or keep it inside a cupboard or a bag, as the hair on the brush will smell, create mildew and rot.

The Shave

Shave with the grain of the hair as shaving stubble (short hairs) against the grain can cause redness, razor burn and rashes. (Shaving with the grain means shaving in the direction the hair grows in).

Gently pull the skin tight while you shave.

Rinse or swish the head of your razor in warm water frequently.

All razor strokes should be slow and deliberate.

A razor does not need to be pressed hard onto the skin in order to provide a close shave, so don’t apply too much pressure, try to let the razor glide over the skin. Applying too much pressure will result in cuts and or ingrowing hairs.

Some areas of skin need to be pulled taut as folded skin is difficult to shave. Taut skin will help the razor to have a smooth passage over it. Bend your knees slightly to pull the skin tight before shaving over them.  

Lift your arm up while shaving underarm to pull your skin tight and then shave from the bottom up, allowing the razor to glide over the skin. 

For the bikini area shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes.

Shave frequently to keep the area free of irritation and ingrown hairs.

For effective shaving of pubic hair, wet shave as described above then dry the area with Wakodo Dusting Powder, leave some on the skin and then shave with a Japanese made Cleancut Pubic Hair Shaver. This razor will give you the desired Brazilian smooth finish.

After Shave Treatment

Remember that your skin is at its most sensitive after the shaving, so dry your skin by gently by patting it with a soft towel.

Rubbing will cause friction and will make the area hot and more sensitive.

Apply skin food or an after shave balm or moisturiser, to sooth and protect the skin. Do not apply any lotion that is alcohol based or use underarm deodorants or anti-perspirants immediately after shaving, as this may result in irritation and stinging.

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