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Rockwell 6C Gunmetal Safety Razor with 6 Settings

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A Rockwell 6c in Gunmetal finish is a multi head razor for any skin type and stubble length, so you get a close, comfortable shave - every time.
The Rockwell 6C comes with three double sided baseplates, a top cap and a handle. This allows you to choose from 6 shaving experiences from very close to very mild.
For a mild shave use plate 1 or 2, for a close shave use 5 or 6, for everyday use you might find that 3 or 4 suit you perfectly. The six plates benefit from different blade angles and it's the blade angle on a Rockwell razor that dictates the mildness or closeness of the shave. Whichever plate you choose the precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.
Rockwell is a Canadian company although the 6C is made in China. 

You can pair the 6C with the matching Rockwell razor stand in gunmetal.
The 6C is also available in White Chrome.


Product Code: ESC008121

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Remarkable value for money, very well made. It looks and feels just right.


Patented 6 levels of shaving freedom, to ensure that anyone can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of their shave. The Rockwell 6C comes in a Rockwell branded outer cardboard box.


Cast from premium high-end chromed zinc alloys with an unusual, handsome Gunmetal Chrome finish.


No matter which safety razor you use, the same 'golden rules' apply for a close yet comfortable shave.
Watch our tutorial video for lots of handy tips.



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Wow! This razor is fantastic. The fit and finish is great. It's a nice looking razor that feels great in the hand. The 6C is really well balanced and the grip, even with wet hands, is great. It is an efficient, yet very smooth razor. The R3 plate gives you a gentler shave than setting 1 one the Merkur Futur, all while being just as efficient. Plate R1 is even gentler than my Merkur 34C. R5 and R6 are very usable, efficient without being intimidating. The 6C is a steal!

Richard Williams
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The Rockwell 6C razor has become an instant favourite. The weight of the razor is spot on, the handle design is comfortable and not slippy. My first shave was with the 3 plate and a feather blade. I found the angle easy to find and it gave me a irritation free 3 pass shave which was extremely close. I have quite sensitive skin so having a razor that causes me no irritation is a must. If you are thinking of buying this razor think no more and click the buy button!

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Jury’s really out on this one - I’ve tried settings 3,4and 5 so far and had one good shave, one poor shave (setting 5 will nick sensitive areas) and am now suffering from an irritated neck this morning having needed several passes on setting 4 to get rid of my Monday stubble. The super-hard water in our area had just put paid to the mechanism in my adjustable Parker and the Merkur Futur is just too aggressive for me, so the Rockwell appeared to offer a choice of settings (I like the concept), BUT

Tim Noble
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Oh dear - the interchangeable Rockwell design looked like the perfect solution after the local limescale put paid to the mechanisms of my Merkur Progress and Parker Adjustable over the last 18 months. But after a week of nicks on grade 5 and shaving irritation from grades 3 and 4, it looks as though the Rockwell will be a costly and short-lived acquaintance. Sorry, can't recommend




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