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Big Jock Silvertip Badger & Horn LARGE Shaving Brush

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Big Jock benefits from very generous dimensions, a Silvertip grade badger hair head and a real horn handle. As you would expect this large size shaving brush makes light work of lathering up hard shaving soaps and shaving creams. Silvertip grade badger hair is the top grade of badger hair used for shaving brushes.
Silvertip hairs as well as being the most expensive and rare type of badger hair are very soft on the face yet Silvertip is known for its durability. Silvertip hairs are not bleached or dyed, what you get is natural, untrimmed hair. No other grade of hair absorbs and retains water and heat quite like Silvertip.
The handle is classically shaped and in proportion to the dimensions of the knot of hair.
Big Jock comes to you in a smart, Executive Shaving presentation box.

Big Jock is compatible with this shaving stand.


Product Code: ESC007831

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Big Jock is exceptionally well priced for a large Silvertip brush with a real horn, lathe turned handle.
This is a heck of a lot of brush for £75.00.


Bristle Diameter: 60mm
Bristle Length: 65mm
Total Length: 115mm
Knot Diameter: 30mm
Handle Diameter: 40mm
The handle was lathe turned and polished, expect slight differences in dimensions and being a natural product the horn will vary in colour from brush to brush, some will be almost completely black, some will have grey and dark brown streaks.


Silvertip badger hair.
Real horn handle.
The handles we use on the Big Jock range are made from buffalo horn. The buffalo is bred for its milk and meat but nothing is wasted, the hide is used for leatherwear, the horns for jewellery and the bones are used in fertilisers.


Be gentle with Big Jock, he's a big guy but even big guys need some tender, loving care. The golden rule is to avoid using hot water, warm and cold water is fine but hot water can damage the silvertip hair and loosen off the knot of hair in the horn handle. Read our our shaving brush care guide and watch the video below.



Norbert Stepien
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I was so impressed with this brush that I bought a second one to use at my residence in Canada. I have Simpson brushes and I have to say this brush outshines them all in terms of both quality and value.. Very well crafted and virtually no loss of bristles, which plagued my Simpson Chubby 2.

John A
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Review of Big Jock Silverado Badger and Horn, Large Shaving Brush I have always used an ordinary badger brush, with my occasional wet shaving, but when I decided to go 'full time', I also thought I should go for a big brush, with a large bowl and get the best. I was struck by the amazing price of the Big Jock - a large brush with silvertip AND a real horn handle. I would otherwise have gone for a well known make with a white turned handle! I have now been using the Big Jock for a few weeks. It is lovely to hold, with my large hands, and I have found that it whips up a great lather very quickly, with various soaps and creams. When it comes to brushing on, it is simply glorious! The Big Jock really does have a large tight brush, just as ESC describe, and I do not think you will find better. The horn handle gives it that old fashioned, pre plastic era feel.

jim bruce
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impressesd by the sheer size and quality of this fantastic brush-real buffalo horn for the price of a german synthetic-how do they do it-lathers up a treat either with hard soap or cream this brush does them both- with ease -and such a pleasure to work with- holds more than enough lather- for 3 passes and very soft tips -with good backbone to it-now my simpson's silvertips are relegated as spares!excellent speedy service and delivery- thanks to all at executive shaving




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