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Marfin Italian Handmade Silvertip Shaving Brush #299


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Marfin Number 299
Handmade by Marco Finardi, the Italian artisan behind Marfin.
Number 299 is round in shape with a textured, finely carved, lined finish which delivers the sweetest of grips when lathering up. The shoulder and base are coloured green. The contrast between the green and black is eye catching and unusual.
Each Marfin shaving brush is meticulously carved from specially selected pieces of Italian plateau briarwood before receiving a highly polished wax finish.
To make these brushes extra special each one receives a silvertip badger hair knot, made by a craftsman in Florence, Italy. Silvertip badger hair is the highest grade of hair, it is extremely soft on the face and holds a remarkable amount of heat and water.
Marfin #299 comes with a certificate of authenticity which has been signed by Marco. The certificate also features a Marfin wax seal. Additionally #299 is numbered on the base and marked with the Marfin elephant logo.
Marco made this brush using hand tools only: he is based in Cremona, Italy. Marfin shaving brushes are sold worldwide to buyers who are looking for unusual, handmade and unique shaving brushes.
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All Marfin brushes are superbly well made, individual and beautiful, this one however is in my opinion one of the very best Marco has ever made.


Knot: 26mm
Loft: 58mm
Handle width (maximum): 46.5mm
Handle length: 66.5mm

Marco tells us:
Once I see an interesting piece of Italian Plateau Briarwood, I study its shape closely and imagine how the brush may look with a knot of hair. The ergonomics have to be correct as the brush has to be convenient and comfortable to use.
The root is then cut and trimmed with rasps and files before being sanded with increasingly finer sandpapers. The hole for the knot is then drilled and then the handle is coloured using natural pigments.
The handle is then sealed to make it watertight by dipping it in Tung Oil. This procedure is done in a room with a controlled temperature for a few days before it is dried over two weeks in an airy room.
The brush is then ready for polishing. No less than 4 stages of polishing is required, each stage uses an increasingly fine abrasive powder. The handle is then polished with Carnauba Wax and the knot of hair is cemented into the handle. Finally, the brush is numbered and marked with the Marfin logo. The entire process takes around 3 weeks


Italian plateau briar wood and Silvertip Badger Hair.


Avoid using HOT water on the brush
Please read our shaving brush care article
Be sure to watch our brush care video






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