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Handmade Blue Stoneware Shaving Lathering Up Bowl

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These stoneware shaving bowls are individually handmade made in Glasgow, Scotland by the acclaimed potter Stef Baxter.
They are only available from Executive Shaving. Each bowl is unique, expect slight variations in size and colour. The bowls are predominantly deep blue or ocean blue as Stef calls this colour with splashes of light blue here and there in no particular pattern. A few bowls have splashes of sea green. No matter which bowl you get it will be different from any other.
The bowls are stamped 'Made in Scotland' on the base.
Each bowl benefits from a base that doubles as a grip ensuring a firm grasp even if your hands are wet.
We asked Stef to make the bottom of the bowls ridged internally so the user can generate a shaving lather easily. The raised ridges deliver traction between a shaving brush and shaving cream; no other bowl will generate a rich lather as quickly and efficiently as this bowl.
Suitable for all sizes of shaving brushes.

Product Code: ESC008036

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This is a true artisan product, lovingly made in batches of 20 exclusively for Executive Shaving by Stef Baxter in Glasgow. Unique as each bowl is different due to the nature of the pottery wheel manufacturing process and the colouring technique used by Stef.


Stef Baxter produces pottery with a Neolithic/Celtic feel to it. Inspired by visits to Brittany, France, Orkney and Kilmartin Glen in Argyle, Scotland. These bowls were hand thrown on a pottery wheel then fired in an oven at 1260 degrees centigrade.
Dimensions vary from bowl to bowl but the average dimensions are:
Height: 60mm
Bowl maximum diameter: 105mm tapering to 70mm
Base diameter: 75mm
Weight: 220g


100% stoneware.
Handmade in Scotland.


Plop a small dollop of shaving cream into the bottom of the bowl. Wet your shaving brush in warm water, flick of excess water and in a circular fashion whip the cream up into a rich lather. Don't splay the brush hairs, be gentle with the brush. The interaction between the ridges, your brush and the shaving cream will soon generate a creamy lather.



Steve Streeter
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This hugely anticipated addition to Executive Shaving's line of products is lovely to hold in hand, the size and shape of the bowl ensures a firm grip is easy to maintain. The predominately dark blue glaze interspersed with random splashes of lighter blue is spot on and makes the bowl look distinctive and unique. The inside of the bowl is lined with concentric grooves which really help with the lather production. My first lather was done using Executive Shaving Cream and a pea sized amount on my synthetic Muhle brush produced copious amounts of lather to the point that the ample sized bowl was almost overflowing. What's even more notable is that South East Kent, where I live, is notorious for its hard water. I used the same amount of shaving cream as I usually would so the difference in lather production I would definitely put down to the bowl. All in all, it looks great and performs exceptionally well so I am more than happy with this bowl and look forward to many years of happy lathering with it.

Andrew Hoskins
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This stoneware bowl helps lather up well and is a good size and weight. It also retains the heat well and looks good - a pleasure to use.




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