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The Claymore Single Edge Razor Head Only

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This offer is for The Claymore Single Edge - HEAD ONLY, no handle is included.
The head has a 5mm thread making it compatible with safety razor handles made by Executive Shaving, Muhle and others.
We have a selection of handles in stock choose from.
The Claymore Head is best suited to men who are experienced cut throat and or safety razors users. Expect a very close shave from this head, it's the nearest you'll get to a shave from a cut throat razor but without the hassle of maintaining the edge.
The Claymore has been designed to be used with Feather Professional Injector Blades.
However, The Claymore is also compatible with other Feather blades and Kai blades, see product details below for more information on the blades The Claymore Head is compatible with.
The finish on the razor and handle is brushed matte. The razor head and handle are both UK made. The investment casting process used for the head leaves the outer surfaces of the head and handle smooth and free of imperfections, however expect slight imperfections on the inner surfaces. These minor casting marks will not detract in any way from the close shaves The Claymore delivers.

Product Code: ESC007999

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Customers asked us to offer the head only and here it is. Choose a compatible handle here.
We recommend you use a cream that is more lubricating and cushioning than most, any of the Castle Forbes creams or Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream and Executive Shaving Bay Rum Shaving Cream are particularly recommended for use with The Claymore.


Stainless steel, Single Edge Razor Head, in matte finish, use with Feather Professional Injector Blades.

Weight: 50g (1.76oz)
Head width: 53mm (2 inch)
Head height: 6mm (.23 inch)
Blade Compatibility
The Claymore is compatible with the following blades:
Feather Professional
Feather Professional Super
Feather ProGuard
Kai Captain
Kai Captain Titan Mild
Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch
Kai Captain Sharpblade
The Claymore is not compatible with Feather Light Blades.


Stainless Steel, investment cast using ANC4B grade steel.


The Claymore Head has been designed to deliver a close shave. The wide head means less passes are needed. Less passes leads to less irritation and less time spent at the sink.

If you are used to shaving with a safety razor you will easily learn to adapt to shaving with The Claymore. Use a light touch, the weight of this razor delivers all the pressure you need for a very close shave. For most users two passes will leave you closely shaved.

The Feather Professional Blades we recommend are designed for normal-standard type beards. Blade life depends on many factors, your beard type, the number of passes you do and your shaving cream / soap. Most users get 8-10 tug free, close shaves from each blade. 
See Version1 in action here, this will give you an idea of the dimensions of the razor and how to shave with it, Version 2 is very similar to Version 1.



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Received the head only at the beginning of the week as didn't need a handle as I've already got plenty , I put a Kronos handle from a ATT . The first shave i had was very uncomfortable indeed I did go at it like a bull in a china shop . Second shave four days later, I took my time with two passes and the third pass just a touch up and what can I say. I got a perfect, lovely close and comfortable shave. I will not be using my Claymore on a daily basis as you have to take your time and be careful but when you've got plenty of time and prepare propably it's the best shave ever .

Kurt Antonsen
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I got the claymore single edge razor in the mail today and have tried it, amazing Razor I find it not very agresive got a very nice shave and I used the feather pro blade, very good razor

Heikki Jokinen
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I got this razorhead at Tuesday(many thanks for super-fast deliveriment) and I have to say that Claymore is excellent razor. Today was 3rd shave->DFS. It's very efficient and scale of agressivness is medium to strong.




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