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Slight Seconds Claymore Single Edge Razor



We have a limited number of less than perfect Claymore razors, they are too good to scrap and it's costly to get them reworked so instead we are selling them for only £46.50 instead of £69.50. The defects are restricted to minor, cosmetic casting flaws only, the blade alignment for example is perfect.

The Claymore is the Executive Shaving Single Edge Razor; it is a 'medium aggressive' shaver.
With its stainless steel handle and head this razor benefits from good heft and generous dimensions. Expect a close shave from this razor. This is 'Version 2' which benefits from a new wrap-over top cap, all-round closer tolerances and an improved finish.

The Claymore has been designed to be used with Feather Professional Injector Blades.
However, The Claymore is also compatible with other Feather blades and Kai blades, see product details below for more information on the blades The Claymore is compatible with.

The finish on the razor and handle is brushed matte. The razor head and handle are both UK made. The investment casting process used for the head leaves the outer surfaces of the head and handle smooth and free of imperfections, however expect slight imperfections on the inner surfaces. (in the case of Claymore Seconds, there will be slight imperfections on the outer surfaces too). These minor casting marks will not detract in any way from the excellent shaves The Claymore delivers. The handle is lathe turned.
Match up with The Claymore Razor Stand.


Product Code: ESC007978

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This is a good opportunity to buy a Claymore for less than half price. These 'seconds' will deliver the exact same shave as the £69.50 Claymore razors, the only difference is the seconds do have some minor, cosmetic faults on the outside surfaces. These faults which occurred when the heads were cast are hardly noticable and they will not detract in any way from the shave the razor delivers.


Stainless steel, Single Edge Razor, in matte finish, use with Feather Professional Injector Blades.
The Claymore comes in a stiff cardboard presentation box.

Weight: 140g (5oz)
Handle diameter: 12.4mm (0.49 inch)
Handle length: 95mm (3.73 inch)
Head width: 53mm (2 inch)
Head height: 6mm (.23 inch)
Blade Compatibility
The Claymore is compatible with the following blades:
Feather Professional
Feather Professional Super
Feather ProGuard
Kai Captain
Kai Captain Titan Mild
Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch
Kai Captain Sharpblade
The Claymore is not compatible with Feather Light Blades.


Head: Stainless Steel, investment cast using ANC4B grade steel.
Handle: Grade 316L stainless steel in a brushed matte finish.


The Claymore has been designed to deliver a close yet comfortable shave. The wide head means less passes are needed for a shave. Less passes leads to less irritation and less time spent at the sink.

If you are used to shaving with a safety razor you will easily learn to adapt to shaving with The Claymore. Use a light touch, the weight of this razor delivers all the pressure you need for a very close shave. For most users two passes will leave you closely shaved.

The Claymore is not an overly aggressive razor, we describe is as a 'close shaving, medium aggressive razor'. The Feather Professional Blades we recommend are designed for normal-standard type beards. Blade life depends on many factors, your beard type, the number of passes you do and your shaving cream / soap. Most users get 8-10 tug free, close shaves from each blade. 
See Version1 in action here, this will give you an idea of the dimensions of the razor and how to shave with it, Version 2 is very similar to Version 1.






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