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Vintage Restored F4 1960 Gillette Fatboy

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This Fatboy is in sensational condition it comes with its original box and several unused Gillette blades still in their original metal blade dispenser.

This particular Fatboy has been restored and replated in shiny chrome back to its factory new condition by Dave Glynn of New Zealand. Dave does a spectacular job, the plating is very shiny and bright throughout

The Fatboy is adjustable meaning you can choose the level of aggressiveness which best suits your needs. Stamped 'MADE IN USA F4 Reg US PAT OFF'. F4 is date coding, F tells us the razor was made in 1960 and 4 means the razor was made in the final quarter of that year. The adjustment mechanism clicks reassuringly into place as it should.The TTO butterfly doors open and close as they did back in 1960.

This razor is 100% shave ready. It's increasingly hard to find a Fatboy good condition these days without paying over £150.00 on eBay for a non-restored, unboxed, well used version. This razor is in perfect working condition and it looks absolutely amazing, it will last another 57 years if looked after. Highly recommended.

The box like the razor is in alright condition. Aside from the large crack you can see in the image and some damaged to the back left hinge, there's very few scuffs or scratches. The box still opens and closes exactly as it should.

The blade dispenser too looks the part, no scratches, inside are several unused Gillette blades.
Compatible with this Bullet Razor Stand


Product Code: ESC007662

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Shave old school with an original condition Gillette Fatboy - the daddy of all safety razors.
Choose how close you want your shave to be from 9 settings. This razor looks as good today as the day it came out of the American factory in 1960.


Fatboy's are getting increasingly difficult to source especially ones in good working order. 
Total length: 88mm
Handle Length: 77mm
Handle diameter at its widest part: 13mm
The finish on this razor is very shiny and bright. The paint on the adjustment numbers is intact. The paint on the red indicator button, is slightly faded and worn.


Metal alloy plated in shiny chrome


Before your maiden shave, gently wash the razor in warm, soapy water. The razor has been sonically cleaned then lightly sprayed with razor oil.
We recommend you watch our safety razor tutorial video



Steve Carter
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There can be little doubt about the legacy that this razor has left since it's intro back in 1958, now almost sixty years later anyone into wet shaving can see what a fantastic piece of kit this razor really is. This old timer can beat anything made today, & in truth can beat it with ease, wipe the floor with it, so good in fact, properly looked after will last at least a 100years, how good is that.




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