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Above the Tie Single Edge SE1 Razor with Bamboo Handle

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The Above the Tie Single Edge (SE1) Razor is a mid-aggressive shaver.
Crafted from high grade 303 solid stainless steel in Tennessee, USA.

This particular version has the Above the Tie Bamboo handle which is lathe turned. The unusual shape is a real stand-out and it delivers a non-slip grip.

Why shave with a single edge razor? Well, the head is considerably wider than you'll find on a double edge safety razor, the SE1 has a 50.5mm wide head compared to 41mm on most safety razors. This additional width means fewer passes are needed for a close shave and fewer passes lead to less irritation. The blades the SE1 are compatible with are better quality than safety razor blades and longer lasting too so you'll get a better shave. Shaving with the SE1 is as close as you'll get to shaving with a cut-throat razor.

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Compatible with Feather injector blades

Product Code: ESC007632

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It has to be said, Above the Tie make stunning razors. I love that you can see the machine tool marks on the underside of head and I love the flawless finish on all their razors. As a ex toolmaker (Timex) I appreciate the superior engineering on these razors.
If you are looking for a single edge razor but don't want to spend £165.00 on this beauty then consider The Claymore which is also made from solid stainless steel and is less than half the price of the SE1.


The head and handle are machine tooled - not investment cast.
Head width: 50.5mm
Head depth at maximum point: 8mm
Weight: 119g
Handle length: 88mm
Handle diameter: 12.5mm
Comes with the Above the Tie Bamboo handle.


All 303 grade solid stainless steel.


If you have used a safety razor then the technique needed for using a single edge is very similar. What you will notice is the width of the head and the weight of the razor. Take your time, use a sharp blade and a capable lubricating shaving cream and you're half way there. We recommend Castle Forbes or Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream as they are the most lubricating creams around.



sergio pelizzato
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I recently purchased the Claymore of which i am very satisfied.Since i'm a collector, i also wanted this razor. Performance,construction and comfort are very good. Exellent shaving!

Peter Manley
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I have now had a chance to use the SE. What a fantastic shave. I have a fair number of razors and, up to now, my favourites have been my ATT R2, Feather AS-D2, Ikon X3 and Gillette Toggle. The SE leaves them all behind. Highly recommended.




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