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The Claymore Single Edge Razor

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The Claymore is the Executive Shaving Single Edge Razor; it is a close shaver and best suited to men who have used a cut throat or safety razor in the past.
With its stainless steel handle and head this razor benefits from good heft and generous dimensions. Expect a close shave from this razor. This is 'Version 2'  which benefits from a new wrap-over top cap, all-round closer tolerances and an improved finish. Additionally, Version 2 is £5.00 cheaper than Version 1.

The Claymore has been designed to be used with Feather Professional Injector Blades.
However, The Claymore is also compatible with other Feather blades and Kai blades, see product details below for more information on the blades The Claymore is compatible with.

The finish on the razor and handle is brushed matte. The razor head and handle are both UK made. The investment casting process used for the head leaves the outer surfaces of the head and handle smooth and free of imperfections, however expect slight imperfections on the inner surfaces. These minor casting marks will not detract in any way from the excellent shaves The Claymore delivers. The handle is lathe turned.
Match up with The Claymore Razor Stand.


Product Code: ESC007559

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The Claymore will shave you closely after one two passes although some users may wish to touch up any 'missed areas'. We recommend you use a cream that is more lubricating and cushioning than most, any of the Castle Forbes creams or Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream and Executive Shaving Bay Rum Shaving Cream are particularly recommended for use with The Claymore.


Stainless steel, Single Edge Razor, in matte finish, use with Feather Professional Injector Blades.
The Claymore comes in a stiff cardboard presentation box.

Weight: 140g (5oz)
Handle diameter: 12.4mm (0.49 inch)
Handle length: 95mm (3.73 inch)
Head width: 53mm (2 inch)
Head height: 6mm (.23 inch)
Blade Compatibility
The Claymore is compatible with the following blades:
Feather Professional
Feather Professional Super
Feather ProGuard
Kai Captain
Kai Captain Titan Mild
Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch
Kai Captain Sharpblade
The Claymore is not compatible with Feather Light Blades.


Head: Stainless Steel, investment cast using ANC4B grade steel.
Handle: Grade 316L stainless steel in a brushed matte finish.


The Claymore has been designed to deliver a close shave. The wide head means less passes are needed. Less passes leads to less irritation and less time spent at the sink.

If you are used to shaving with a safety razor you will easily learn to adapt to shaving with The Claymore. Use a light touch, the weight of this razor delivers all the pressure you need for a very close shave. For most users two passes will leave you closely shaved.

The Feather Professional Blades we recommend are designed for normal-standard type beards. Blade life depends on many factors, your beard type, the number of passes you do and your shaving cream / soap. Most users get 8-10 tug free, close shaves from each blade. 
See Version1 in action here, this will give you an idea of the dimensions of the razor and how to shave with it, Version 2 is very similar to Version 1.



Johannes F. / London
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I have just had my first shave with the newly released Claymore, using the included sample of Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream. I don’t normally take the time to write feedback or reviews, but I’m very, very impressed. I did two passes with the Claymore, but a single pass did most of the work. Just the right level of aggression, especially coupled with the Feather blades. The shaving cream is also remarkable, one of the best I’ve tried; even though I have a cupboard full of them and I’ve sworn not to buy any more for another year or two, I think I will have to give in and get hold of a jar while it's on offer! I’m a sucker for anything with natural pine, juniper, or eucalyptus in it, so to get them in combination is a real treat.

Mark Douglas
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Doesn't it look good? The Claymore, all in stainless steel, is a very heavy weapon. Like its namesake it is an epic instrument and loaded with a Feather Professional blade this will be a famous single edge razor. I have shaved twice now using Executive Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream (see separate review). This is a kind and efficient shaver and I got a great result especially so under the nose which remained BBS 24 hours later, which I was deeply impressed by. No irritation, no burn, a super shave. On day two something completely remarkable: BBS from one pass with touch ups! I really don't understand the context of the word aggressive, the Claymore is super kind and in a league of its own in efficiency. Guys, don't hesitate, pile in. It's a stoater as they say in its homeland.

Gregor Buick
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I received the Claymore a couple of days ago, having put my name on the waiting list for the nest delivery of them. I'm very impressed on the basis of the two shaves I've had! Brian told me that it wasn't maybe as visually attractive a razor as the single-sided ATT one, but to my eyes this is still a great razor - it has a nice solid look and feel to it, and is super value compared to the ATT one etc. I've had two super shaves from it - no pressure needed above the weight of the razor itself, and a BBS shave from two passes. This is my first single sided razor, although I have a fair collection of DE ones, and I'm impressed so far. I'll be interested to see how many shaves I get from the Feather Professional blade, compared to my DE ones.

Paul Aspden
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Just got home after picking up my claymore from my local postal depot this morning. I've been looking for a single edge razor that would satisfy my requirements and standards for years. Having just had my first shave with the Claymore together with some of Executive Shavings' products, I can honestly say it has delivered the best shave I have had in almost 50years of shaving. Keep it up guys, you've got my custom now. By the way the shaving tips and video's are great for the youngsters, and the young at heart who may be thought they had been shaving properly for years. I've learned a couple of things and put them into practice with better results than I've had before when I shaved with my new Claymore. My advice to anyone is have a look at them all, there are some good tips and fantastic products available.

Paul K
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After watching the Claymore video and decided to visit HQ as I had some business in the area. I was advised Brian fetched a Clymore, checked it with a blade to ensure it was within the tolerances and handed it over. First up is the weight. It is solid, and heavy in the hand, not overly weighted or top heavy. In comparison to the Muhle R89/R41 my first shave with the Claymore was just ‘Wow’. Claymore is a Scottish term for Broadsword, and you can’t help but notice the broad sweeps of this razor across your face as it glides effortlessly. There is no need to apply pressure as the perfect balance of weight ratio will carry this across your beard with no problems at all. The finish is sublime, and lends itself to a non slip grip when your hands are wet whilst shaving. The recommendation is 2 passes, and if need a touch up. 2 passes and a touch up did for me, to say I was impressed is an understatement. A great razor, at a competitive price, only problem I have is, I need to wait for 2 days to use it again. I have only one recommendation, and that would a blade guard for protection against accidental drops. Well done to Executive Shaving who’s labor of love has produced an absolute stormer of a razor!

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Smooth man ,smoooth . What a razor ! I used the super professional blades and I get a very close and efficient (aggressive? ) shave , but it's so mild you barely feel the blade cutting , similar in comfort to a straight razor .Wtg and xtg = BBS + Atg = glass smooth .No burn or irritation . For a safety razor it is nearly as close as you're going to get as with a straight razor in my opinion . When I discovered that there were razors that could take the incredible blades that I use in the Artist club straight razor the intention was to get a SE razor so that if I was in a hurry and couldn't straight shave ,and the Claymore has turned out to be a fantastic alternative . With the availability and at more than half the price to the other SE razors they have trumped the competition in that respect as well. It is no brainer that this is the one you must get. Congratulations to all at Executive Shaving for producing an excellent product which I am convinced will be second to none . I would also like to thank and commend all at Executive shaving for their outstanding customer service.

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Just received my Claymore razor. I went right ahead to the bathroom and loaded the razor with a Feather Professional blade as recommended. It's a bit on the mild side for me so on the second pass I loaded a Feather Super blade and that was more effective and aggressive, it shaved close and felt great on the face too. The quality of the razor is excellent especially for the price. It shaved as well if not better then all the SE's that I have including the Above the Tie SE, King Cobra and the Mongoose. You have a hit on your hands!

Ian Lancaster
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Wow, just wow! I have only ever used cartridge razors before, so it was with a little bit of trepidation when I went to use this for the first time. I need not have worried. Without a doubt this has been the closest shave I have ever had. The Razor was very easy to use and left my face undamaged - i did nick the skin on my Adam's apple so will need to watch that next time, but that was it. My only advice (other than to buy it as soon as it is available) is to use a light stroke and not to press too hard.

nick n
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Well I used it this morning in place of my trusty Cobra and I have to say it is light years ahead. Better design , better quality and altogether an even better shave. Used Feather pro -guard blade , which worked perfectly , and instead of my usual soap I tried the Executive Shaving Co. own brand natural cream...a winning combination. Seriously this is the best I have experienced. A word too on the impeccable customer service-thanks Brian.

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I purchased this razor following a mail drop from Brian which included a video explaining the development of this razor. I value ‘heft’ and the Claymore did not disappoint. Manufacture and finish seemed of a high order and the razor fitted perfectly into one of the Executive Shaving bullet stands ordered previously. On first use I thought I had set the razor up wrongly as there was no feeling of imminent disaster caused by a blade that was noticeably close to my skin. I can only describe the shaving experience of the Claymore against my skin as ‘soft’ yet the shave was as close as I could have hoped for. My ‘default’ three passes have now been reduced to just two. In comparison, the feeling of the Muhle R41 open-comb (rake) is one of imminent danger unless concentration is at a high level. I normally change my double-edge blades every 3 days but after one week of Claymore shaving I experienced no rawness or irritation. Over the week I suffered just one minor nick under my nostril – my own fault due to inattention! I changed the Feather Professional blade after the week was out but feel I might have been able to squeeze out an extra shave or two. As the cost of blades, per shave is tiny I opted for comfort rather than saving a penny or two and risking discomfort. After 55 years of wet shaving, the Claymore is easily the best razor I have ever used and therefore worth the cost. My Merkur 45HD, EJ 89, Muhle R41 Twist and one other unknown open comb (‘rake’) razor might now be consigned to past history.

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This is a hefty brute of a razor, after my first shave with this razor alongside Feather ProGuard blades result was an exceptionally close shave with no irritation. No pressure is needed at all, let the weight of the razor do the work for you! Also find that with the angled head is very hard to get cutting angle incorrect. Summing up I would say if you are unsure, take a punt on it! Also got the stand. Just make sure you use a good cushioning cream or soap, Personally I used Fitjar Fjellheim and results were amazing!!!

Michael Keddie
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I normally use a Feather stainless steel razor which I love but I was curious about trying a single edge razor, I approached my first shave with it with some caution but I have to say that when I got the right shaving angle I got an excellent shave with it, no nicks or weepers! Compared to the prices of some American products it is excellent value for money. Well done!

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"I have been shaving for more then 35 years with a safety razor. But I can not normally shave everyday as I have very sensitive skin. The mild razors that I have used require 3 or more passes with additional touch up passes to get a clean shave but leaves my skin irritated because of the multiple passes over my skin. Aggressive razors while only 1 or 2 passes are required to get a close shave, the blade exposure can scrape or cut my skin. Brian suggested that I try the Claymore, which as a single edge razor might provide me with a very close shave but little or no skin irritation. Using the the Professional injector blades, instead of the 20 minutes that I normally require to shave with 3 passes and multiple applications of soap/cream, remarkably the Claymore gave me a very close shave in under 3 minutes, with one pass and a few touch up passes under the chin or nose. Remarkably I had no skin irritation. I also used the Claymore for my neck and no problems. The Claymore is amazing efficient in cutting hair, and I do not feel the blade on my skin. I have never used a single edge razor before the Claymore and or ever thought of buying one. I always thought it was for dedicated group of shavers like who use straight cut throat razors. Thank you Brian, for suggesting the Claymore!! I recommend anyone who has not tried a single edge blade, try the Claymore. It is stainless steel and very durable. Rolland, USA"

Ian Surita
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With The Claymore I've experienced the best, smoothest and most comfortable shave ever. I would recommend this company for unsurpassed service.

M Afram, Corpus Christi, USA.
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The Claymore is exactly as Brian describes in his video overview. While not a finely machined marvel like some of the other high-end stainless steel razors out there, it is functionally sound (it's got some heft as well!) with a utilitarian finish that is toned down yet classy. M Afram, Corpus Christi, USA.

Rolando Furet
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Claymore is THE ONE I own a few SE both vintage and modern made razors and the Claymore is THE ONE for me. Less passes for a great shave, it does its job efficiently and with the minimum of passes. Less skin irritation is a good thing. Nicely finished and fitted and reasonable priced, it’s a must have in your collection. Claymore SE razor is just brilliant as was the service that I got from Executive Shaving. Sending at the same day and for me it was the perfect way. Thank you Executive Shaving. I’ll be looking for an DE SS open comb from Executive Shaving, if you’ll make one.

Nick Strange
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Three shaves with this now and am very impressed. A nice close shave with two passes. No irritation is another bonus., used with the feather blades recommended. A great razor - definately recommended.

Paul Pieroni
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This is a weighty razor but perfectly balanced. It is of Spartan appearance but has the aesthetic virtue of simplicity. The shave is very similar to the archetypal SE razor which it resembles but manages a tad more aggression while remaining smooth and comfortable. Provides a clean, comfortable and irritation-free shave at an astonishingly low price point.

sergio pelizzato
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An excellent well constructed razor that not cause irritation,purchased at a reasonable price.Best buy!

Bert Lassche
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A wonderful new shaving experience, even better than my good old cobra. Where I could not get the new king cobra and a friend attended me on The Executive Shaving Company I ordered the Claymore Single Edge razor and the bullet as well as the Feather Professional Super blades and their natural shaving cream. It is a complete new and superb experience! Love it !

Stephen Hardy
Star Rating

My claymore bite me and I so cant call it a mild shaver at all. The leading edge on the top cap was ever so slightly uneven as was the blade gap and this was most likely responsible for the aggressive bites I experienced. This is a very good razor but the fit'n'finsh has variance and you may get a mild or an aggressive result. I cant predict what a replacement would be like so i asked for a refund but will buy from Executive Shaving again and would happily try a lighter version with better quality control on the finish if they make a version 2.0 in future!

Ross Macaskill
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Overall the Claymore gives me the closest shave with the least irritation versus the fewest number of passes I've had to date. I'm coming from a SE Mongoose and a SE Cobra so I'm able to compare and contrast. I'd put this somewhere between them both in terms of the aggressiveness. I can have multiple passes with the Mongoose with no irritation. With the Cobra I'm lucky to escape aggression with 3 passes. I'm now 5 shaves in with the Claymore and it's my number one choice. I'm usually a 3 pass person with a little buffing with a Mongoose for a BBS but this is a genuine 2 pass with a little buffing if you practice on your technique. If I was forced to suggest an improvement it would be to the finish of the being made from a cast means it's not a clean as a Mongoose but considering the price can't really complain. Well done Executive've got a winner.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Anche se qualche Claymore venduto può presentare qualche piccola irregolarità estetica, come preannunciato e descritto da Brian, le stesse non pregiudicano e non influiscono sulla rasatura. Le lamette Feather scorrono in maniera regolare regalando un ottimo BBS in soltanto 3 passaggi più eventuali ritocchi in base alle proprie esigenze, io presento una barba incredibilmente dura, prossimamente utilizzerò anche le lamette KAI in modo da poter giudicare al pieno lo strumento. Il prodotto si presenta ben fatto, dalle linee molto eleganti, la testina simile al becco di Tucano che presenta un’angolazione perfetta per la rasatura, inoltre, il peso accentuato del rasoio ne rende un qualcosa di molto apprezzabile, certo può stancare soprattutto per chi non ha una certa manualità con strumenti da taglio dal peso accentuato, bisogna però dire che nonostante questa particolarità il Claymore non necessità di un ulteriore pressione della mano durante l’atto pratico della rasatura ma basta lasciarlo scorrere per eliminare ogni possibile peluria e questa caratteristica tende ad azzerare proprio l’inconveniente del peso. La base porta Claymore è ben fatta e la qualità si evidenzia con il peso non indifferente. Consiglio di acquistarla come corredo dello stesso al fine di garantirne sicurezza mentre non lo si utilizza anche perché da un tocco di eleganza al tutto. Ringrazio Brian per la disponibilità del Claymore e tutta la sua squadra per l’ottimo lavoro. Grazie, continuate così...!!!

Star Rating

I was gifted this razor and was disappointed to say the least.It's not that refined. The finish of the head is very poor and the shave too aggressive. YMMV

Nev Morgan
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Having a desperate Dan beard on standard Feather Professional blades they did the business compared to the Feather AS D2 razor & Gillette Blue blades which are very good. On a daily basis they struggled but this Claymore shaved really close, a couple of nicks but with use should get the handle of it. Got the Super Feather blades which should be interesting but so far excellent.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

And i thought i know what a good shaving was before i used the Claymore for the first time. I used it with a Feather Prof. Super blade and i was little concerned because im a headshaver as well and it might be to large but for me its the ultimate razor

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Been using now for 1 month and can honestly say its the best shave i have ever had. When matched with feather blades and Executive Shaving natural shaving cream it really is a winning combination. Highly recommended, Well done Brian

Iurii Silvestrov
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I bought a second razor of Executive Shaving Co. and did not regret. Quite heavy but well balanced. Handle perfectly in the hand, allowing you to shave without pressure. More agressive than Mongoose (like ATT), but excellent glide and no need to make the pressure, provide very comfortable shave. The only drawback, which is not affecting the quality of shaving is insufficient finish of the head. Love it.

Ken W
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I shave at the weekend with a straight razor, and for quickness a safety razor in the week. The Claymore is the best safety razor I have ever bought, its quick, close and gives a smooth shave. I would recommend this razor very highly. Well worth the money!

Ken Woodhall
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I bought the Claymore razor the other week, and it is the best safety razor I have ever bought, it's quick and close. I would highly recommend it.

Graham Garrett
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I have been using my Claymore for a few weeks now and decided to review it. Not something I regularly do. When I purchased it I was quite sceptical but wanted to try a single edge razor. Haven't used one since I was a kid, but then they were really cheap. Also, Feather blades were not overly encouraging as I have a soft beard and tend to bleed when I see Feather blades online. But I tried the razor and have to say I am totally sold. Nice heft, great size and a wonderful shave with no nicks (even with Feather blades). I also use the ESC Natural Shaving Cream and it is great too. I hear a lot of people compare this to a Cobra and one day I hope to try and review that razor too but it is a bit pricey for me. Anyways, it is now my go to razor along with my Merkur Futur.. I would heartily recommend the Claymore to anyone without reservation and the ESC Natural Shave Cream. A perfect combination from a great company.

Karsten Bilke
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I have now used the Claymore for four weeks every day. The Claymore is just excellent. I have over 40 safety razors, but so good I have not seen. The claymore shaves very gently and thoroughly. I'm looking forward to your new stainless steel Claymore . If it is for sale I would buy the Claymore immediately.

Colin Audley
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I've been shaving with a Claymore for about 3 months now. For me, the earlier Claymore has rapidly become my favourite razor. In fact, my much loved Mongoose hasn't been used once since the Claymore arrived. Anyway, good luck with Claymore Mk 2. I'll be more than happy sticking with the original version.

Chris Parker
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Simple put, the best razor I have ever owned. That includes all the Merkur range!

Steve Streeter
Star RatingStar RatingStar Rating

This is no doubt, judging by some of the reviews, the ultimate shaving experience for the majority of Claymore owners. Sadly though, I am not one of them. Despite thorough preparation with Proraso green Pre-Shave cream and whipping up the mother of all lathers with Proraso green soap and taking it nice and slow (and gently), my first light pass resulted in several spots of blood on my chin and under my nose. With a bit of trial and error finding the right angle, I made better progress on my second pass with less blood letting than before but despite a thick cushion of lather, I found the experience quite uncomfortable. This razor for me at least will require a lot of work to get used to it and to get the excellent results the other reviewers have reported. Until now my Rockwell 6S was my go to razor of choice, sadly, based on my initial experience, I don't think I'll be swapping to the Claymore just yet. I have given it three stars because of the excellent service - quick delivery and it comes in a nice box. Also, it's not a bad razor by any stretch but just wasn't the shaving epiphany that I was expecting. For some, there will be a learning curve as I have found. Maybe in time, I'll try again with the Claymore and maybe I'll get used to it but at the moment it's back in it's box feeling sorry for itself.

Dyfrig Hughes
Star Rating

A claymore is a heavy sword which may be efficient but lacks finesse. So I think it is an appropriate name for this razor. I have used it 3 times now, and it is just way too aggressive. I have bled more in those three shaves than in several years of DE shaving with the Feather A2D, even including my tries with a straight. Changed to the pro-guard blade which was a little better. The razor itself is well made and strong, but a bit lacking in finesse in appearance too, but that's ok at this price. But the shave is just way too rough. I have tried the gentlest of touches, and tried to find the right angle, but been left bloodied and not even that closely shaved. Is it worth persisting?

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I own let's say a lot of razors where 4 are for AC blades. I have red a lot of good reviews on this one and watched the video from ExSh and I decided to go for it. First impression was not very good. The razor looks very chunky to me and the overall finish and colour does not appeal to my taste. This can be subjective but it is how it is when it stands next to ATT or any other modern razor. We can argue that ATT is a different price range but I am omitting that now. The razor has its weight but that is fine with me. So far I had two shaves with the Claymore SE and I have to say it is a very good shaver. For my hair and skin combination it is a perfect mid to aggressive razor exactly what I like to use in most cases. Very positive. I am using SE only a few times a month since the blade is a bit wide and I prefer the standard blade width. Anyhow I can recommend the razor if your expectation for shaving quality justify the lack of visual perfection. Some might say that a shaver is a shaver yes agree but I still like the good look of the razor since for me it is a part of the grooming buzz. I still think it deserves more 5 as 4 stars hence giving it a 5 but it is between.

Roger Decker
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I already own a feather DS2 and I must say the DS2 is already doing a pretty good job. But once having mastered the art of saving with the DS2, this new Claymore is exceptional in getting even a closer shave. I got the Claymore today with the mail and I had to immediately try it out. In one! Combined with the feather Pro guard the result is astonishing. It is a bit more aggressive compared to the DS2 so I am still learning but I got my first shave done without any cuts. I am impressed. Thank you Brian to taking the lead in developing such a nice shaver with your team.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I got this razor from a forum member. I was told that this is a heavy peace. Due to its heavy weight 140 grams it virtually shaves like a Japanese katana. I like the stainles steel and design but i rather stick to lighter razors to avoid being cut. Still think its well worth money if you are looking for a more aggressive shave style.

Paul Jones
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

The Claymore is a heavyweight piece of art. I have 20 razors and this is the best. Service was excellent.

james linn
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Review of the 'Version 2' model. Been wet shaving with a double edged razor for a few years now, starting off with an EJ, quickly progressing to a Goodfella, then finally settling on a Muhle R41 (an excellent razor). Bought this razor on a whim along with a pack of Feather blades and despite one flaw, I have to admit that this is the best razor I've owned. The finish is great,it looks better in the hand than it does on the website. The weight absolutely perfect and the closeness of shave after just one pass is the smoothest/closest I've had. It's a joy to use and you're no more likely to suffer nicks than with any other razor. My only niggle, which is one that won't affect most shavers is that I'm a lazy shaver and tend to only shave once a week, when I have a fairly heavy beard to cut through and this Claymore does clog up and needs dismantling mid-shave to clear, my old R41 would do the same but could be cleared with a swirl in the sink rather than requiring a complete disassemble. Having said that, shaving twice a week negates that one issue In summary, this is a stunning razor at a very good price compared to it's peers. The Single Edge philosophy is not hype, due in no small part to the superior blade design it uses. It is leagues ahead of the double edge model razor. Save yourself the learning curve expense and disappointment of trying others and buy one of these first. Can't comment on the Executive Shave Natural Shaving Cream sample as others have, as a sample was not included. The L'Occitane 'Cade' shaving cream however does partner this razor perfectly

Andrew Csabai
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

I have been a DE shaver for a number of years and my go to has been an Above the Tie Kronos H1 as I like the aggressiveness and close shave.However, I am always looking for interesting an innovative shaving solutions. I taught myself to straight razor shave after investing into a Wade & Butcher vintage restored. The shave experience is incredible, but it takes time. During the week I don't have a lot of time. When I noticed the tweet on The Claymore from Executive Shave Co, it caught my eye. After reading about version 1 and the tweaks done to improve for V2, I thought this would be the best of both worlds: shave like a DE razor but perform like a straight razor. It did just that! The extra wide head was the first thing I noticed, so I knew I would get more coverage, but the weight was perfect as well. Paired with a Feather single edge blade, the first pass WTG was super close. I typically do a 3 pass and could have easily stopped after the 2'nd. It has just the right amount of aggressiveness to get the job done well. I am super impressed by this razor and happy with the purchase.

David Roberts
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Having bought and returned the original Claymore, things are now very good indeed with this redesigned version. It is a powerfully close shave. Although not overly so, I find it quite aggressive in comparison to my other razors. It is unforgiving and demands respect, time and good blades and cream. I would not use it for a quick shave and I wouldn't advise it for a first-timer. My skin is soft, so I am doing one or two passes with my usual blade and then one or two passes with the Claymore. The results are truly fantastic. Absolutely recommended.

Alistair Grant
Star RatingStar Rating

The Claymore is an antique weapon and this razor is well named It does have a solid hefty feel to it but it is actually quite a crude shaving instrument. I bought it as back up for my ATT stainless steel and using the same shaving cream etc it feels more like sanding than shaving If you can afford it go for the ATT every day of the week.




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