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Taconic American Bay Rum Shaving Cream

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Taconic Bay Rum Shaving Cream is heaven in a tub!
Enriched with coconut oil and honey, this cream whips up into a rich, very protective layer that your razor blade will glide over effortlessly.
The Bay Rum, scent of this luxury shaving cream is exceptionally pleasing due to its complex blend which includes real Jamaican spiced rum and rosemary.
This cream is made in the USA by an artisan soap maker. It contains organic botanicals to protect and moisturise your skin when you shave. Taconic shaving creams are highly concentrated, much more than other brands with the possible exception of Castle Forbes. This means the cream will last much longer than brands such as Taylor's.
Expect around 6 month's daily shaving from one tub of Taconic shaving cream.

Product Code: ESC007496

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The scent from this cream is absolutely sensational, imagine spiced Jamaican Rum, cinnamon and rosemary blended together, very pleasing on the nose. The cream is very lubricating due to it containing coconut oil and glycerin, two ingredients known for their lubricating and cushioning qualities. If you like the finer things in life and you like a good shave you've got to try this shaving cream.


This is a dense, long lasting shaving cream, use sparingly.
118ml - 4fl.oz, screw top lid.
For your peace of mind, each tub is sealed with security, heat sealed, plastic wrap.


Stearic acid, distilled water, saponified coconut oil, glycerin, saoponified safflower oil, cocoa butter, honey, sodium borate, spiced Jamaican rum, essential oil blend, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, and rosemary extract. 


For best results use with a shaving brush, remember not to use too much cream, a little goes a very long way. You can use your hands, take some product out, smear onto the bearded area then spread the cream with the palms of your hands creating a smooth lubricating layer of cream.



Neil L
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So, I've held back for a few weeks just getting used to this one. The comments and stories about the lather and richness are all true - it's slightly supernatural just how well Taconic lathers up. Use a brush and a bowl and hold on for the ride! The lather itself is rich and shaves superbly. The scent - Bay Rum - is one scent that really divides folk; I've come to this from my usual preference of fougeres products (Valobra last time) and the BR spiciness is pretty up front with cassia as an ingredient giving a cinnamon overtone. To be honest the scent wasn't an instant hit with me, rather it's taken time but now I find that I like it very much indeed and I'm converted. I'll buy the eucalyptus mint for the summer but overall these are high quality products and I recommend you give them a try.

David Somerset
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As the reviews claim the lather from this cream is mind blowing, lather it up in a bowl and watch it flourish. Slightly oily but that gives it glide. The scent is strange it reminds me in a good way of peppers and spices. I liked it very much.




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