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Muhle R108 Tortoise Shell Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

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The Muhle R108 uses the same head as our top selling Double Edge Safety Razor, the Muhle R89.
It's a beautifully engineered, closed comb double edge safety razor that's an absolute joy to use. With its engraved handle, and perfect dimensions and weight, the Muhle R108 has been expertly designed for control and comfort.

The closed comb head is ideal for beginners as the blade is not too exposed however it delivers a very effective shave. Experienced DE users will appreciate this razor while newbies to DE shaving will regret not buying one earlier.
Easily confused with the Edwin Jagger 89 - whisper it, Jagger use the same head, only the handles differ.

Protect you razor when traveling with an Italian made leather Muhle branded razor pouch.
Click here for black or here for brown.

Product Code: ESC007335

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A stunning addition to the Muhle range. The chrome perfectly accents the faux tortoise shell.

A great razor for beginners and experienced wet shavers alike.


Handle Length: 8.5cm

Total Length: 9cm

Weight: 65g

Material: Faux Tortoise Shell with Chrome accents.

Some razors feel 'just right' in the hand and the R108 falls into this category, the weight, the finish, the balance, this razor has got it all and more.


Insert a sharp blade into the razor.

After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap, cream or gel to your face, warm the safety razor in warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face.

We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. Use a light touch and shave in short 30-35mm strokes.

Be sure to regularly swish the blade in warm water between passes. 

Watch our video for more information.



Noel Barron
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This is a nice weighted razor which gives a good close shave. Better for those who prefer a short handle. You need to keep your fingers and the handle dry as there is no machining on the barrel to stop it slipping. Good value at £25!

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The tortoise barrel on this razor looks fantastic! It is a bit darker than I had envisioned but still very nice. I have a Parker Badger Brush with a faux horn which matches up surprisingly well with this razor. I had the guys put a Braveheart head on mine as I already own a Muhle R106 (which has the same head as this model). I was having a bit of trouble getting a BBS shave in my lower neck area and jaw bone line with the R106. Even with 3 passes, I just couldn't get ALL the pesky stubble down there. I might have high expectations but I expect to attain a perfect shave where I can feel zero stubble when I run my hands against the grain. This combination (with Astra Platinum blades) has given me the closest shave yet. After a bit more practice, I'm confident my neck and jawbone area will be BBS with zero stubble.




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