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A.P. Donovan Comprehensive Cut Throat Razor Set

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Reduced in price having been featured but not used in a photo shoot. None of the items have been used, all are in pristine condition. Save £90.50 on the suggested retail price.

This stylish, comprehensive 7 piece set contains absolutely everything you need to start shaving with a cut throat stright razor. High quality shaving tools that will deliver a close, tradtional, wet shave. Moreover, the set includes the vital tools you need to maintain the razors edge.

Here's what's included:
A. P. Donovan 7/8" Straight Razor (stropped for you - shave ready)
Fine Grit Honing Stone
Silvertip Badger Brush
2.5" Leather and Denim Strop
A.P. Donovan Shaving Cream
Strop Paste

This set is perfect for beginners to cut throat shaving and comes presented in an attractive A.P. Donovan branded box. Remarkable value for money!


Product Code: ESC007322

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A suberbly priced cut throat razor gift set, ideal for those looking to start using a straight razor for the first time or those who want to add a gorgeous Japanese steel cut throat razor to their collection.
Excellent value of money. Very well presented if you are buying as a gift.

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The Razor
Crafted from high quality Japanese Steel, harder than stainless steel so it will stay sharp longer before needing to be honed (Rockwell hardness of 60 and ranked among the best in the world).The gorgeous wooden scales are made from Madagascan Mahogany matching the shaving brush. This razor is shave ready, it has been honed, stropped and tested.
Razor Specification
Blade Material High Quality Japanese Steel
Blade Dimensions 7/8" round point x 68-72 mm long
Hollow Ground
Handle Finish Madagascan Mahogany with metal inlay

The Honing Stone
When the blade dulls to an extent where the strop is making no difference, it's time to hone the razors edge. This is a combination whetstone / honing stone, the white coloured side is a 4,000 grit while the blue side is a 1,200 grit. Made by Missarka 

The Brush
The stunning handle is made from Madagascan Mahogany with a metal base and top plate. Filled with Silvertip Badger hair, it is sensationally soft on the face, while still having enough backbone to whip up a rich and creamy lather.

The Strop
The 2.5" wide two part leather and denim strop is perfect for keeping the razor in shave ready condition. Use the denim side for realigning the razors edge. Use the leather side to remove the burrs that form on the edge after shaving.S

Strop Paste
Use this on the leather side of the strop, it aids the stropping process.

The Wooden Razor Box
This box has been hand crafted; no two boxes are exactly the same. The box is vented to allow air to circulate around the razor (always dry the razor before storing it). The box closes tight with the aid of a fancy metal clasp. Expect slight variancies between boxes and minor blemishes, these boxes are made by hand.

Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Lather up straight from the aluminium screw top tin. This sandalwod scented cream will deliver a rich, creamy lather to allow the razor to glide over the skin.

Outer Presentation Box
For home storage use, make sure the razor is absolutely 100% dry before you store it.


The 7/8ths blade is made from Japanese steel (similar in quality to to Shirogami steel).
With a Rockwell hardness of up to 64HRC, this blade will maintain its cutting edge longer than cheaper razors from China and Pakistan - you get what you pay for!

Silvertip shaving brush with wooden handle, Silvertip is the highest grade of badger hair.
The box is very well made, it's branded with the A.P. Donovan logo.


The razor comes shave ready.

Lubricate the bearded area with lather from a good quality shaving soap or cream, for best results use a shaving brush.

For a close shave, we recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave.

You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work.

This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful



Peter kreisler
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All you need in a set to keep your razor in top condition. Bought it two years ago and honed it once with stone in set. Nice weight so you know you have it in your hand.




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