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Feather WS-D2S Safety Razor in Stainless Steel & Wood

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This is probably the finest looking double edge safety razor ever made.

Made in Japan to the highest possible standards the Feather WS-D2S is the ultimate safety razor. It is crafted from high grade stainless steel and dark hardwood to exceptionally high engineering tolerances. The hardwood is impregnated with resin to make it waterproof, look closely and you'll see the natural grain of the wood. The handle is contoured to deliver a firm grip when you wet shave, the handle is longer than previous Feather DE razors at 104mm. Both ends of the handle are knurled. The face of the head has the Feather logo etch washed onto it with the words 'wood handle stainless steel double edge razor'.

The WS-D2S comes complete with a Feather branded stand which is crafted from solid, highly polished stainless steel with a band of the same hardwood used in the handle which provides a stunning contrast to the polished steel. The words Feather and Japan are engraved on the stand and back filled with black enamel paint.

The razor and stand are housed in a hand-lacquered presentation box, you will also receive 5 Feather razor blades and a guarantee featuring an exclusive number for your beautifully made razor.
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Everything about this razor is right, the dimensions and weight are in complete harmony, it's perfectly balanced and feels so good in the hand.
Beautifully finished throughout, faultless in fact.

Feather safety razors deserve their place alongside other truly world class luxury brands such as Rolex, Aston Martin and Gucci.
If it's the ultimate safety razor you're looking for, your search is over.


70g in weight
Handle: 104 x 11mm diameter

The handle benefits from a slight waist which delivers a comfortable and firm grip.


Razor: High grade stainless steel and hardwood which has been slowly soaked many times in resin to preserve the wood and makes it completely waterproof.
Stand: As above.


The Feather is a mild shaver, it is suitable for all beard types and skin types.

Mild does not mean this razor is too mild for men with tough beards, the Feather AS-D2S will make short work of all beard types.

For detailed information on how to shave with safety razor, please watch our tutorial video, note that most safety razors require a shaving angle of around 30 degrees to the face, Feather razors require a shaving angle of around 40 degress for maximum efficiency.



Ade / Sheffield
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PRESENTATION The Feather AS-D2 razor & stand are beautifully presented in a padded burgundy red box. Not as ‘artisan’ looking as the AS-D1, which came in a wooden box, however this is a joy to open. ENGINEERING Both the razor & stand are engineering masterpieces. The AS-D2 is perfectly balanced with prominent but very comfortable knurling on the handle. It’s almost effortless to hold & feels like a cross between a work of art & a precision medical instrument that oozes quality. THE SHAVE I’ve read reviews & seen YouTube videos where the AS-D2 is described as a mild/very mild shaver with virtually no feedback through the handle. I disagree. Once you learn the correct shave angle, which I found in about 3 strokes, it is an extremely efficient razor, so you can’t feel the hairs being cut but you can hear them being effortlessly sliced. Yes it does feel very mild, even with the notoriously sharp Feather blades provided, but the efficiency & balance gives an incredibly close shave, my closest ever, even on the first shave, with absolutely no nicks, cuts, shave rash or irritation. This is a razor that rewrites the rules of mild v aggressive. You don’t need an aggressive razor to shave a 5 day stubble of an Italian American, you need an efficient one. Have a look at this video All in all this is a razor for life which does justify its price tag. Top advice & service from Brian as usual

John Young
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I have always wanted a Feather and Christmas was the perfect opportunity for my wife to buy this for me. It is totally flawless, the packaging, the numbered guarantee and the actual razor is in terms of quality as good as any razor can be. The shave as expected was as mild and close as the reviewers on Badger & Blade had reported. If you can afford one, buy one, if you can't afford one - take out a loan. John Young

Tim Wilson
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I agree with every word written by the two previous reviewers. I can find no faults of any description with this masterpiece of Japanese engineering and design. This is the ONLY razor you will ever have to buy.

andy joyes
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OK, Yes it's a very expensive razor. Mine arrived the other day, and im absolutely delighted with it. Had my first have with it today and it shaves beautifully. My first shave resulted in a very close shave with no nicks or cuts at all. Ive no experience using a double edge razor having been a straight razor user for a while now. I had no problems with the different shave angle you are supposed to use as I find I shave by the sound more than anything. For me I often gauge if a thing is worth the money by asking myself if It were lost would I by another one? And in this case I certainly wouldn't hesitate in buying the same razor again. Andy

John Davidson
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The razor is a joy to use, beautifully crafted and engineered. If you want a razor made to last a lifetime this is the one.




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