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Acqua Classica Borsari Di Parma Eau-De-Toilette in Tin (50ml)

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Travel in style with this classic eau de toilette (EDT), it's 50ml in volume so you can carry this as hand luggage and it comes in  a natty metal tin with Borsari branding. This is an ideal gift.
Borsari is an Italian classic and an emblem of Italian style. First launched in 1870 and as popular in Italy and continental Europe as it’s ever been. It has top citrusy and spicy notes of lemon, sandalwood, mandarin, and bergamot with hints of orange and grapefruit.
Spray all over, suitable too for use as an after shave.
Good value for money considering the pedigree of this EDT and the 50ml volume.
Borsari comes in an atomiser glass bottle so no waste when applying.
In continental Europe this EDT is very much a unisex product loved by men and woman of great taste it seems!

Product Code: ESC007174

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Think of the Amalfi coast bathed in sunshine, a vintage Alfa Romeo Spider sports car and La Dolce Vita the classic Italian movie from 1961 and you’ll get some idea of what to expect from this wonderful EDT. We love it and we’re sure you will too, manly, summery, citrusy and ever so nice! One of the all-time great men's fragrances. 


Long lasting yet not overpowering.
Citrus based in the continental European style.
Suitable for both day and evening wear.
A practical gift and good value for money too.


Alcohol Denat, Aqua (water),  Parfume (fragranced), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Limonene, Citral, Evernia, Prunastri, Citronellol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, CI 17200 (red), CI 19140 (yellow 5)


Spray liberally, all over the body if you wish.
Can even be used on the face after shaving.



Norrie Halliday
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Where do you guys get all this stuff? Just when I thought I had got over my shaving addiction you come up with a cologne that I used in my younger days training as a junior doctor way back in the mid 70s. I can assure you the ladies liked the scent back then !! In a few words, it's got hints of greenery, it's musky and I get some sandalwood from it. Recommended? Oh yes.

Iain Arnott
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Summer scents are my favorites even in winter time. I bought this based on the Executive Shaving description and I am happy to recommend it to others. Citrusy and fruity, it's light enough to be splashed all over as it doesn't over power.

Dr Ali Gujarat
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The description given by the Executive Shaving people is fairly accurate - I know describing a scent cannot be easy but my nose tells me there is lots of orange and mandarin and bergamot, I don't detect much 'citrus'. All that said, it is a lovely scent, I apply it on my chest, hair and neck and enjoy the delicate wafts of scent the cologne gives me (and others I guess).

Alan Bailey
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Just received (and very speedily too) my order of Acqua Classica Borsari. One of the finest citrus colognes ever!

Rob Dixon
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Great fragrance, just received yesterday from E.S.C.. Exactly as described - a wonderful, fresh scent, just that bit different from your run-of-the-mill fragrances encountered.




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