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Alfred Lane 3 Piece Men's Solid Cologne Set

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Three nicely scented Solid Colognes made in the USA by Alfred Lane.
Save money by buying all three.
Included: Bravado, Brio and Vanguard.
You can take these colognes as hand luggage when you fly. Great for daily use, conveniently sized, top the scent up during the day or evening. 

These solid colognes are made from shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil which creates a soft wax and their own unique fragrance. 

Product Code: ESC007129

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Alfred Lane Solid Colognes are made from natural ingredients, and will also help to moisturise your skin. Alcohol free so can be used on the neck after shaving.

The handy sized tins will fit perfectly in your pocket, so perfect for travelling, a night out or for throwing in your gym bag.

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The Bravado scent is a combination of nutmeg, sandalwood, leather and tobacco, which combines to give an intricate, light wooded scent. As the word itself defines, Bravado will leave you smelling confident, with your own personal swagger.

The Brio scent is a unique blend of vetiver and spice, which together give a warm woody fragrance with a light musk and moss undertone. As the definition of 'Brio' implies, this scent gives you an essence of vivacious vigour.

The Vanguard scent is a truly wonderful blend of sweet spice and woods, naturally sweet, there is a fresh and fruity scent to it. The Vanguard scent is embodied in it's very definition; it is the leader and forefront of any movement.


Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, fragrance.


Rub your finger gently into the wax, apply to pulse points as you would liquid cologne, and enjoy smelling fantastic.

The scents are extremely long lasting, and a little goes a very long way.



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These arrived this morning just before I am set to go away on business. I was attracted to these because I don't want to carry bottles about while travelling and these shouldn't cause issues through security checks as they are in solid form and small- very small! Don't let the size worry you though. The idea here is that you rub your finger across the surface of the wax and then apply it to the back of your ears etc. If you are one of the sorts of people that like the idea of clouds of cologne assaulting everyone's noses as you walk down the high street- this product is not for you! This is a lot more subtle. An idea of the fragrances- Brio: the more woody of the three. Its leathery and woody and a little like sandalwood/cedarwood I think. Bravado: a very clean smell. A bit like a light vanilla? Vanguard: More citrus like. I am not sure how long the fragrances will last on me through the day; however, I like to smell fresh at work and not smell like I'm out on a date! I like the smells and will wait for comments as to the one I will settle on. Summary- a very nice and different way to smell nice especially when travelling. I don't suggest people put it in their pockets on a night out through. I can't image what it would be like if the wax melts in your pocket!

Stewart Devlin
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There is a good saving when you buy all three, having used Bravado in the past I thought I would try the other two. They're all very different and my wife likes all three, so do I.




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