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Thiers-Issard Eagle 7/8 Snakewood Hook Nose Cut Throat Razor

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This beautiful straight razor is handmade by Thiers-Issard, artisan razor makers in France.
The blade is 7/8 wide and is forged from 100% fully hollowed Sheffield carbon steel 'C135'. The razor has anti-slip machine tooled serrations on the bottom and top of the tang and the tang is marked 'Thiers Issard Made in France' with the Thiers Issard crown logo.
The classic barber's notch Eagle blade is gold plated with the words "Hollow Ground" and "Fully Warranted" along with an eagle motif.
As the scales are made from real, natural snakewood, no two are alike due to the grain and colour of each particular piece.
Each razor is presented in a Thiers Issard branded leather razor pouch.

Snakewood is native to South American coastal regions. It's a hard wood and so called for its characteristic snakeskin pattern. Snakewood is a rare and small tree and it is one of the most expensive woods in the world.

These razors leave the workshop in a 'shave ready' condition. However the cutting edge of the razor (the fin) may bend over ever so slightly. Stropping will right the fin. This razor should not need honed for at least 9 months if stropped properly. We recommend you watch some YouTube tutorial videos before your strop this razor.
To prevent corrosion, after use, you must dry the razor thoroughly and store in a dry environment. The razor will benefit from a light application of razor oil if it's going to be stored for more than a few days between use.

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Located in Thiers, France, Thiers-Issard have been making cut throat razors since 1884, they still use tried and tested traditional manufacturing methods and every razor that leaves the small workshop is tested and passed as 'shave ready' for your use.

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Blade Material: Sheffield Silver Steel
Blade Dimensions: 7/8'' Barber's Notch
Handle Material: Snake Wood


Ensure the razor is shave ready, strop beforehand if required.

Lubricate the bearded area with lather from a good quality shaving soap or cream, for best results use a shaving brush.

For a close shave, we recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave.

You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work.

This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful.



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First and foremost the razor is beautiful and well made and shaves brilliantly but the reason for the 4 stars is the this razor was advertised to have a barbers notch and it doesn't have one, I'll keep the razor but I am disappointed it didn't the barbers notch.




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