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Executive Shaving Big Beastie Stainless Steel Handle Safety Razor

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This is a big razor as the name suggests. The first time I held one I said "that's a big beastie" and the name stuck, it describes it perfectly.
Made to our specifications, the handle benefits from four deep finger grip grooves that deliver a firm grip even when the handle is wet. The heavy duty handle is made from high grade, solid 303 stainless steel. Lathe turned and polished to a fine finish in Glasgow, Scotland.

Expect a closer shave than you get from a Muhle R89, Jagger 89 and Merkur closed comb safety razors, it's assertive but not aggressive like the Muhle R41. Take your time with it to begin with, you'll love it.
This razor will give you a close shave in two passes, one with the grain and one across the grain. Less passes means less irritation.

Product Code: ESC007070

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The reassuring heft and overall dimensions of The Big Beastie Safety Razor handle means you are in total control when shaving. The handle features four deeply turned grooves where your forefinger and thumb can grip. This is a razor that will get the job done with the minimum of fuss.
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Handle Dimensions
Length: 105mm
Diameter: 14mm
Weight: 111g


Stainless Steel handle, chrome plated head.


The heft of the handle delivers all the pressure needed for a close yet comfortable shave.
Shave with the grain twice and against the grain once for the perfect, close shave.
Better still, watch our safety razor tutorial video.



Peter Macleod
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This is the best razor I have ever used and it's down to the hefty handle which gives me the balance and weight I desire. The handle gives me reassurance I need as it's non slip. I cannot fault this razor in any way.

John Wilson
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Best razor I've owned. Solid, Clyde built, and delivers a great shave with fewer passes. Highly recommended.

Dave Jones
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This is now my go-to razor. It is rather aggressive, but treated with due respect and a good sharp blade (I prefer Gillette Silver Blue over Feather) it gives the best shave!

Gerry from Derry
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Wowzer!! It's not a pretty razor to look at but it's a close shaver. The heavy handle as other reviewers have mentioned does add to the shaving experience. I have large hands and this is a good option for me.




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