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Executive Shaving Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap Lime Scent 100g

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A Deluxe, Soft Shaving Soap that is exceptionally long lasting. It's made exclusively for Executive Shaving by an artisan soap maker in England. This soap is all natural and vegan.
Those who suffer from shaving related skin problems will benefit from using this soap, it's free of artificial colourings, synthetic scents and parabens. Rich in high quality ingredients including glycerine (vegetable) which delivers superior razor glide and cushioning while essential oils are used for the deliciously citrusy scent of limes. The scent is limey and fruity, very refreshing indeed.

Product Code: ESC006949

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Long lasting, kind to the skin and, most importantly, gives you a rich lather that moisturises and protects the skin every time you shave. This soft shaving soap has a natural off white colour and a sensational scent.  Made for us and exclusive to The Executive Shaving Company by an artisan soap maker based in England.


Weight: 100g, comes to you in a recyclable aluminium screw top tin. Suitable for all skin types and beard types. The consistency of this soap is similar to putty which makes lathering up with a shaving brush quick and easy. This soap is vegan, the glycerin and stearic used in the manufacturing process are vegetable sourced.
Free from nasty chemicals and artificial colouring agents. 


Potassium palmitate, potassium stearate, aqua, potassium cocoabutterate, potassium sheabutterate, sodium palmitate, sodium stearate, sodium cocoabutterate, potassium cocoate, potassium castorate, sodium sheabutterate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, glycerine (vegetable), Kaolin, Essential oil blend, linalool, citral, limonene, geraniol.



Wet your shaving brush in warm water, flick off excess water. Load the brush up by swirling the tips on the soap, do this for 30 to 60 seconds before painting the soap onto the bearded area.

Alternatively, plop an amount equal to the size of two baked beans (no more) into a lathering bowl, whip the soap up and paint the lather onto the bearded area. This method will produce the richest, creamiest lather. Note: A little goes a long way!



Keith D
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A nice lime scent as soon as you open the tin. Just right for summer. Yet another brilliant product from ES. This soft soap whips up easily and has good razor glide. Thanks again Brian

Star Rating

Could not get a good lather with this product. But the scent is nice.

Executive Shaving Say:
This soap works best when you take a small dollop out and lather this in a bowl to get the rich, creamy consistency needed. You can also lather up on the face but best results are after whipping up the product in a bowl then paintinb this onto the bearded area.

Colin F Dodds
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Very impressive, once whipped up sensational lather and as the lady I spoke with when I phoned ES told me "it smells of lime opal fruit sweets". I have used this for around 8 shaves and it shows no sign of any cream / soap being used, is it a magic product? Great stuff, I will recommend to others.

Alan Dingwall
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Yes, yes, yes, I've been using this soap for two weeks and barely used any product, is it never ending? The scent is fruity and pleasant. The lather is rich and it cushions as claimed. Highly recommended, I'll buy another when this one runs out in the year 2020.

GF Dingwall
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Having happily used Executive Shaving after shave balm I thought I would give their soap a bash and I'm glad I did. Wonderfully scented with limes, I use only a small amount which I lather up in a bowl my father owned. Once lathered it provides a very special layer of cream that feels good on the face - moisturising. The lather is rich and I barely feel my Merkur 34c as it cuts through my beard growth. Would I buy again - you bet I will.

Kevin James, Kent.
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This is a follow up order having bought this when it launched last year, it must have been spring time as I took it on my spring break to the Italian Lakes. Now, I don't shave every single day, maybe 5-6 times weekly but that's me only running out now, phenomenal value, utterly amazing in fact. As others have mentioned, the scent od limey boy is it limey in a pleasing way, the lather lubricates and protects my skin like few others have and it lathers up in England, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain all countries I have used this soap in. Bravo Executive Shaving.

Robert Mullen
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You need a lathering bowl to get the best lather then it is a GREAT SOAP. Face lathering it wasn't so good but when whipped up in a bowl then applied to the face it is SENSATIONALLY GOOD. The scent is fruity and limey and the lather is very rich.

Dave Crawford
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I have never known a product like it, it seems to last forever, 6 months since my last purchase of this soap and I shave 6 times weekly. It has a great scent and the lather is as rich as rich can be - no more razor burns!! AMAZING VALUE FOR MONEY SO LONG LASTING.

Aly Nathani
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Another amazing product from executive shaving, This cream lahers up really well, a little bit i find is good enough for 2 passes. along with their own pre shave oil gives a nice close shave. And at this price will happily purchase.

Philip James
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Now at 68, my skin condition is reasonable, and with a moderate hair growth, I tend to lean towards products that are for sensitive skin. Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap is really good, smooth with a luxurious lather and lubricates extremely well. I can definitely recommend this product. It lasts for ages and ages. Prep your stubble with pre-shave and then enjoy the experience as your razor glides through the lather.

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Someone mentioned this didn't lather very well but I have had no problem doing so. This lathers nicely and smells good. The lather is smooth and creates a good lubricant for the blade when shaving.

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Worked great and I like the smell a lot. Very good value and no irritation. For people who are having trouble lathering this, do the following (for all soft soaps): Soak brush for about a minute, lift brush (don't squeeze) and just let the excess water drip on its own, load about 100 twists (40 -60 seconds?). Don't press on the soap just load gently so the water doesn't come out of the brush. Wet face, work the soap well, softly at first and harder later (to get the water from the brush). Drip water on the brush with your fingers as desired to reach the right consistency. Working it well is key. With creams you may get away with 20 seconds of lathering if you know it well, with soap you don't. For soft soaps you need a wet, not just damp brush, as you need to load a lot of soap on the brush to get it going. Boar and badger should work the same, but I use boar as I make a mess with badger and soap.




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