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Executive Shaving Company Mild Stainless Steel Handle Safety Razor

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If you're looking for a mild shaving safety razor with a solid, stainless steel handle this is the razor for you.
It's perfect for beginners to safety razor shaving and those who suffer from sensitive skin and shaving related skin problems. Those who shave daily will also benefit from using this razor.
The head is the same one as used on the German made R89 Muhle which is one of the top selling safety razors in the world.
An added benefit is the lathe turned, all stainless steel,  non-slip, deeply knurled handle.
Please read our Product Details section for more information on this razor.
Match up with the Bullet Razor Stand.

Product Code: ESC006883

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A heavy duty razor that will deliver a mild yet very effective shave.
Click here to browse our complete collection of safety razors if this isn't exactly what you're looking for. 


The Head: The visually stunning, chrome plated German made Muhle Closed Comb Safety Razor Head is regarded as one of the best razor heads on the market. Coming from the best selling Muhle range, this razor head delivers a comfortable, close and enjoyable shave. In terms of aggressiveness, the razor head will deliver a mild level of aggression when shaving. If a cut throat was graded 10/10 for aggressiveness this Muhle head would rate as a 4/10.

The Handle: The handle is made from high grade 303 stainless steel. Most safety razor handles are made from low grade metal then they're chrome plated. Not this razor, stainless steel is rust free and with no plating to come off there will be no peeling and no early metal wear. The knurling ensures you keep a firm grip when wet shaving. Lathe turned in Glasgow, Scotland the handle benefits from a deeply knurled finish and perfect dimensions. 

Length: 84mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 80g
Compatible with The Bullet Razor Stand


Metal alloy, chrome plated head.
Solid stainless steel handle.




Alan Dingwall
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Bought this with executive shaving soft soap, the soap is amazing BTW. This razor is no beauty but she shaves beautifully. Well balanced and well made, i love the grip on the handle, my fingers cannot slip such is the quality of the knurling. Onto the shave, I have only ever used a cheap Wilkinson safety razor but this razor is on another level, much heavier and this helps to give me a great shave. Well done.

Edward Trainor
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After trying the much lauded Merkur 34c and not getting on with it I called ESC for advice as I'm dammed if I'm going back to Gillette rip-off cartridge blades. I was recommended the Mild Razor by Alan and what a diffrence, the weight, the finish and the overall dimensions and mild shaving razor head has given me my best shaves ever.




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