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German Puma High Class 6/8ths Cut Throat Razor

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This is a very rare Revisor Puma that was handmade and finished in Solingen, Germany by the manufacturer Puma-Werk Lauterjung around 1964 or so. This Puma razor is New Old Stock (NOS). The razors were originally made around 1964 and were held in storage by Revisor of Germany until very recently when they were polished and stropped to make them shave ready.
The blade has a polished mirror type finish. The scales are inlaid with a silver inscription of a Puma head emblem. The blade benefits from real 24k gold plating of a banner with the words 'high class Puma' and the head of a puma. The tang is stamped with 'Made in Germany from best Pumaster Steel' on one side and on the flip side '6/8 Puma Solingen'.

The razor comes complete with a hard, brown varnished wooden box which benefits from an inlaid silver Puma logo. The box has a slight flaw where the wood has split affecting a small area. The price of the razor has been reduced accordingly.

Product Code: ESC006646

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Awesome! This is a NOS (New Old Stock) razor dating to around 1964. The razor is unused and will arrive with you in a shave ready condition. These razors are as scarce as hens teeth, we have reduced the cost of this beauty as the wooden case has a slight bit of damage.


Grind: Full Hollow
Size: 6/8
Scales: Black celluloid with real silver inlay
Steel: Carbon, C-Steel

In German law that the name "Solingen" may only be used when the item was processed and finished in all major stages of manufacturing in the Solingen industrial area. In other words, German made, quality assured.



Carbon steel blade with celluloide scales which benefit from a decorative silver inlay.


We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave. You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work. 
This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful.

This razor left the workshop in a 'shave ready' condition, it should not need honed for at least 9 months if stropped properly. We recommend you watch some YouTube tutorial videos before your strop this razor.
To prevent corrosion, after use, you must dry the razor thoroughly and store in a dry environment. The razor will benefit from a light application of razor oil if it's going to be stored for more than a few days between use.



Steve Carter
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I remember having my neck shaved with a cut throat razor many years ago & thinking this really is the ultimate in shaving & i suppose it is. To fully appreciate a razor of this calibre you need a steady hand & good eyesight, then & only then can you get what this razor can give you. If you are unsure stick with a safety razor, these razors can be lethal in the wrong hands, in the right hands though the rewards can be spectacular. An awesome bit of kit......




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