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Shave Well Mirrors Unbreakable Travel Mirror

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The Shave Well Travel Camping Mirror is unbreakable, it is designed to stand up to extreme travel conditions as well as more gentle pursuits including caravanning and going to festivals.

As well as being unbreakable, this gem of a mirror is also mist free.

Product Code: ESC006288

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A great mirror if you prefer to shave in the shower. 
Lightweight, perfect for home and travel use.

Click here to browse our collection of fog free mirrors if this isn't exactly what you're looking for. 


The mirror can be secured onto a wall or cabinet with the aid of a suction cup, alternatively it can be held in the hand when you are shaving or applying lipstick. Ladies can borrow this mirror from their man or buy their own, either way this is a unisex mirror which will keep you well groomed while on your travels.

Ideally sized at: 150mm x100mm x 3mm thick (6" x 4")


Run hot water over the surface of the mirror before use, this is particularly useful if you are about to shave in a steamy jungle.

If you're not then hold the mirror under a warm shower, the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalise and this creates a long lasting, fog/mist free image for shaving (or applying lipstick).



Ian Jefferies
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I have always travelled with a small compact camping /travel type mirror. I have owned several versions made by suppliers on the Continent - the fundamental weakness of these models has been the coating on the reverse side. Not robust enough and with dubious water resistant property.
Not so the ES mirror. Size is larger reflecting more light in small badly lit environments, optical quality is more than fit for task, it can be suctioned via the small cup supplied with it to a wall, bathroom cabinet or bigger mirror, and that coating on the backside is not only tough and well applied but totally water resistant. Its ability to de-fog in a steamy bathroom is not something I have yet tested but have no doubt it will perform perfectly. I keep it stored in the plastic bag supplied with it to minimise wear whilst travelling and tuck it into the large built-in pocket in my Daines and Hathaway Military wet pack (from ES).
I do not anticipate the need to replace this mirror anytime soon!

Sidney Brownstone
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It works well, nice and light, no complaints whatsoever. Quick delivery. Good seller.

Garry Metcalf
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Well it worked really well for 8 months. No problem to demist under the shower and was in as new condition......until I left it behind in New York. Need another one right now for the next trip.

Forbes Stewart
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I was surprised by this mirror its just brilliant, thanks to ES form stocking such a great product




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