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Shave Well Mirrors Fog and Mist Free Deluxe Shower Shaving Mirror

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The Shave Well Deluxe is larger than the Shave Well Mirror, it provides a complete reflection of the entire face while shaving.

If you prefer to shave in the shower then you will love this highly practical, fog free shower shaving mirror. 

How does the Shave Well Mirror work? In the few seconds you hold the mirror under the shower the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalise and this creates a long lasting, mist free image for shaving.

Product Code: ESC006281

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A great mirror is you prefer to shave in the shower. 

Click here to browse our collection of fog free mirrors if this isn't exactly what you're looking for. 


Dimensions: 173 x 133 x 3mm thick. (6.83" x 5.25")

The peel off, adhesive backed hook will stick fast to tiled walls and glass cabinets. Safe Wall Suction Shave Well supply a stick-on hook as they know just as we do that suction cups simply do not work long term. 


So easy to use, all you have to do is hold the mirror under a warm shower for a few seconds then hang it on the hook and you're ready to shave no matter how hot your shower is and how long you take to shower and shave. 



Lawrence Berg
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The fog free /mist free comment by the suppliers is not entirely correct and the mirror does mist up after after a minute and needs to be placed under the shower periodically to keep it fog/mist free.

Garry Metcalf
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Well it worked really well for 8 months. No problem to demist under the shower and was in as new condition......until I left it behind in New York. Need another one right now for the next trip.

Mr Hardie
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Having used the same battered little shaving mirror for nearly 20 years I decided to check up on the latest 'mirror technology'. I wonder if they do mist free and shatter proof?? I was pleasantly surprised when I found they did. The mirror does exactly what it says on the tin. A quick wave under the shower and no misting. It feels very strong though I haven't thrown it on the floor to check how robust it is but no doubt a drop will come soon. Ordering was simple and very quick turn around. Price was very fair as well. So far, I'm delighted with my purchase

Karl Watterson
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Good value does a great job, I shave in the shower and this mirror is a great help to me.

JK Lemon
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Does what it is supposed to do. Very fast delivery well done.




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