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Above The Tie Kronos R1 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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The Kronos R1 Safety Razor is handcrafted in Tennessee, USA from high grade 303 solid stainless steel. The craftsmanship, look and feel of this razor puts it right up there with iKon and Feather.

Everything about the Kronos R1 is classy, manly and desirable, it looks feels and shaves like a real man's razor.

An Above The Tie Razor 'sings' like no other razor when shaving, the audible feedback is very helpful in maintaining the correct shaving angle.

Product Code: ESC006098

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The Kronos R1 is a medium aggressive razor; perfect for guys with normal skin and bristles who desire a close, comfortable shave.

Only available in UK and Europe from Executive Shaving. Manufactured to the highest possible tolerances by craftsmen who take an obvious pride in what they make. These are not razors that are churned out in their 1000s, these razors are individually made and finished. 



The Kronos R1 is a big razor, it weighs in at a hefty 110g, the handle is 87mm (3.5") long.

Presented in a satin-matte finish. The base plate is engraved with the words 'ABOVE THE TIE 2013 MADE IN USA'.

The handle features a deep knurl, no danger of losing your grip on this razor while you shave. The top head has two protruding pins that fit precisley into two dimples on the base plate which ensures perfect blade symmetry when assembled. 


Ensure the face is well lubricated using a pre shave treatment and a shaving soap, cream or gel.

Shave with the razor at a 30° angle to your face using a sharp blade.

Stretch your skin as you shave ensuring the area you are shaving is pulled tight.

We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.



Keith D
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First class razor.A razor to enjoy and take your time with.I used it with Aqua de colonia shaving cream and had one of the better shaves of my life.A real heavy piece of kit with a superb finish.So glad I purchased this razor which is in the same league as the ikons and Tradere.Thanks to Brian for his advice

Matt Palmer
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I bought this razor on Brian's reccomendation. A few months back I bought the noir kit that included the Muhle R106 razor. This was an excellent kit to start with and an ideal razor to get used to DE shaving. Unfortunately I am one of these people who have sensitive skin but coarse bristles. As my tehnique has improved and I have got used to DE, i've noticed that the Muhle hasn't given me the close shave that I want and as required more passes.

I had been looking at upgrading and the ATT was on the list but the price was putting me off. I spoke with Brian who gave me a number of options. In the end I decided on the ATT as it will be something that can be used for years to come.

When it arrived it came in an ATT box which looked good and on picking up the razor it was noticable how well made it was, a high quality item. Reviews I had read said how some people had found it intimidating, I didn't at this point. There was a box of Astra blades in with the razor which is what I use primarily anyhow so carried on.

Prior to using the razor I put the blade in and stood it on end next to the Muhle. There was a distinct difference in visible blade edge. When I used the razor for the first time, I realised what other people meant when they said it was intimidating (in a good way though.) The extra weight of the razor and the extra blade edge really made a difference and for a second I questioned if I had made the right choice.

On starting my shave, I instantly noticed how loud the razor is. This is good as you know when you have the right angle but you almost don't have to. The extra weight in the hand and the fact that it is well balanced mean that the razor tends to lean towards the right angle with very little input needed, it's hard to explain but you will know what I mean if you get one.

I took my time with the first shave and was very cautious but I got a comfortable shave that was smoother than with the Muhle. There were still areas that needed a bit more but I put that down to me getting used to a new razor. I have used it twice more since then and it is shaving very well. I've even managed against the grain on my neck with only slight irritation which I couldn't do with the Muhle.

The extra weight and aggessiveness are noticable and make a difference. Due to the weight it is very easy to judge when you are applying too much pressure. With the Muhle i found it harder to judge, especially on the coarser areas and would sometimes be applying too much pressure causing irritation. The shave given by the ATT is noticably closer, my skin feels exceptionally smooth and even regrowth takes longer and feels more uniform. I read a review somewhere that said "even a sensitive face needs an aggressive razor" and for me, with the ATT, this is definitely the case.

If you are considering buying one, you won't regret it.

I use mine with Castle Forbes lime cream and Astra platinum blades (although will also use Personna.)

All in all I am very happy




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