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Above The Tie Kronos H1 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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The Kronos H1 Safety Razor is handcrafted in Tennessee, USA from high grade 303 solid stainless steel.

The craftsmanship, look and feel of this razor puts it right up there with iKon and Feather.

Everything about the Kronos H1 is classy, manly and desirable, it looks feels and shaves like a real man's razor. Only available in UK and Europe from Executive Shaving. Manufactured to the highest possible tolerances by craftsmen who take an obvious pride in what they make.

These are not razors that are churned out in their 1000s, these are individually made and finished.

Product Code: ESC006095

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The Kronos H1 is an aggressive shaver and is best suited to experienced DE shavers and those with tough, coarse beards who need a more aggressive than normal shaver.

An Above The Tie Razor 'sings' like no other razor when shaving, the audible feedback is very helpful in maintaining the correct shaving angle.


The Kronos H1 is a big razor, it weighs in at a hefty 190g, the handle is 87mm (3.5") long.

Presented in a satin-matte finish. The base plate is engraved with the words 'ABOVE THE TIE 2013 MADE IN USA'.

The handle features a deep knurl, no danger of losing your grip on this razor while you shave. The top head has two protruding pins that fit precisley into two dimples on the base plate which ensures perfect blade symmetry when assembled. 


100% stainless steel.


Insert a sharp blade into the razor.

After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap, cream or gel to your face, dip the safety razor into warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face.

We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes. 



Tom French
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Pricey? Yes, but what quality!!
Aggressive? Yes but what a shave, normally I need 3 passes + touch-up passes with my Merkur 34C to get a very close shave, this baby shaves me baby bum smooth in two passes. No nicks, no cuts. The brushed steel finish may not be to everyone's taste but it suits me dandy.

David Quinton
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First of all the quality of this razor speaks volume. Solid stainless steel, not bits of plastic or pot metal. It's heavy coming in at 109 grams. The balance is excellent and feels just right in the hand. The blade gap is roughly equivalent to that or a Merkur Progress on setting five. The blade exposure is high, combined it gives you a pretty aggressive razor, or so it seems. For me I didn't find that. What I did find was an extremely efficient razor. Very smooth, cutting very coarse hairs very easily. his has to be one of the better razors I have ever used, and I've tried a lot. My stable now consists of three Above the tie razors: S1, R1 and now the H1. If you have very coarse hairs and sensitive skin, like me, this is your razor. Well-built, heavy, and just the right amount of aggressiveness to cut away your tough hairs

Achim Kohlhage
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I normally shave with a straight one. Few times, when little time, I use a safety razor. In the constant search for the 'best', I own Merkur, Muehle, Fatip. They all r great, but this Kronos H1 is simply, what I call perfection. YES, expensive, but worth is, every penny. GO and BUY it, Achim/Singapore.




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