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Dalvey Gentleman's Cologne Fragrance Collection (4 x 12ml)

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From the already fantastic range of Dalvey products, we are delighted to introduce the Gentlemen's Cologne Fragrance Collection.

This fantastic collection gives you four individual 12ml bottles of Dalvey Eau De Cologne Splash. Each cologne offers its own individual character and fragrance you will love.

Please read our Product Details section for more information on each scent. 

Product Code: ESC006088

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This is a truly fantastic product, from a brand that offers real luxury which allows you to alternate your scents when desired. 


Vitae: Vitae gives notes of a masculine Bergamot, with a deep scent of Jasmine and Siberian Pine. On the lighter notes are Vanilla and Cloves give a subtle spice to the scent.

Nocturna: Nocturna blends invigorating Italian Mandarin and Pepper giving an initial wonderous scent. The fragrance also has an essence of leather, Guatemalan spice and a sweet Jasmine, giving a rich depth to the initial scent.

Decuria: The Decuria scent takes its inspiration from the original 'Eau De Colognes' of the early 18th Century. A deep musk and wooded fragrance, with a lighter note of Italian Mandarin and Bergamot. Sri Lankan Cinnamon gives the fragrance a spiced edge which just tops already classic wood scent.

Aether: A light and versatile cologne, which reflects the wearers own personal style. The light and refreshing fragrance does not overwhelm, but complements the wearer in a subtle yet confident manner with notes of lemon and citrus.

The Fragrance Collection comes to you in a Dalvey branded presentation box, making this item the perfect gift for someone who loves their fragrances.

4 x 12ml bottles.



Jon Mathias
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You know you’re dealing with a quality product as soon as you take the box out of the card sleeve. You get a stout, embossed box containing four chunky 12ml glass bottles with proper caps that are far easier to handle than the tiny, cylindrical vials that you associate with samples.

I don’t know a lot about fragrances and the subject can get highly technical, so I’ll avoid any attempt to explain the different scents. What I will say is that these are all top-quality fragrances and each is subtly different from the other. None are cloyingly sweet or overwhelmingly heavy on leather or musk, like so many modern fragrances. I’ve been wearing stuff from the likes of Dior and Chanel for years and Dalvey colognes seem to be on a par with the products from the big perfume houses of France and Italy. I see from the packaging that they are, in fact, made in France.

Most of the colognes sold by the top three London barbers are deliberately traditional. The phrase ‘like your grandad’s bathroom’ is sometimes used, which is a bit unfair but it does convey the sense that those are old-school, English barbershop fragrances. The Dalvey colognes are, in my opinion, more modern and continental.

The only negative note is the comparatively high cost of these samples; £53 for 48ml of product and that’s why I’ve knocked off half a point. The full size bottles are much better value at £53 for 100ml but buying the samples can prevent you from making an expensive mistake and chances are you won’t actually dislike any of them.




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