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iKon B1 Slant Head Safety Razor - OSS Handle

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This is a fine looking razor. The black coloured head contrasts sharply against the high polish finish of the handle. 100% made from high grade, machine tooled stainless steel, this razor will never rust and will look as good in years to come as it did when you first shaved with it.

According to iKon: Unique in the realm of DE razors, the iKon Slant double edge razor provides a guillotine type of cutting angle effectively terminating stubble with extreme prejudice.

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Product Code: ESC006068

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Those who appreciate the finer things in life and great craftsmanship will love this razor. A true beauty.



What to expect: The usual impeccable iKon build quality and a reassuring feeling that this razor like all other iKon's will effortlessly cut through even the toughest bristles.

Who is the iKon Slant Head best suited to? Virtually anyone; those with sensitive skin will benefit as the iKon Slant needs fewer passes to give a close shave and fewer passes = less irritation. Those with tough beards will also need fewer passes. 

Handle: OSS.
Handle Length: 95mm.
Handle Material: 316L Stainless Steel.
Weight: 115g


Stainless steel handle, the head is also stainless steel with B1 coating.




Heike Haugland
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The best Razor i ever tried!!
-Where to start?
The grip is great, perfect weight, extremely stylish and cool design. Its a must have for the modern man.
I got the most sensitive skin, but after taking some time reading about this one, i figure i wanted to give it a try.
I just had my first shave,4- 5 days beard, and that normally give me great rashes, painful and is a dreaded experience. It was completely painless compare to any other Razor I've ever tried.
- I been a Parker fan for a long time, and swear to Parker, but after being touched by this bad boy, I'm NEVER going back.
I read one place that one of the minus whit this item was a bit complicated changing blades. BS: I think that guy expect the razor-fairy to come do the work for him!

To be extremely honest, the price is a bit stiff, but honestly, it is worth every penny.

Thank you for excellent service, yet a great product and looking forward to do business whit you again!

Kindly regards
Heike - Norway!

nicola ciniero
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For skilled shavers. Need to be handle with care at the beginnining. When you find the right angle ....simply the best. I tested with a lot of blades. Gillette blue is the best with my hand on my face!

James Ashmore
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Finally a slant bar razor in impervious stainless steel! Consistent Ikon build quality, ergonomics and performance. My only criticism is that the blade needs to be more carefully positioned before tightening the handle, vis a vis my other Ikon s/s razor. If you fail to do this you get an uneven blade gap.

Barney Boubles
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I burst the bank to buy this baby but I have absolutely no regrets. Smooth as a babies bum, smooth as silk, smooth as it gets. 2 pass shave not 3 or 4 as with my Merkur 33c for the best shave ever. I was sceptical about paying top dollar for a razor but it is worth every penny. Ignore the crap on the shaving forums, all this razor needs is stubble to cut, a basic shaving cream and a sharp blade - no fancy Dan creams, no special blades, I use a Taylors cream and a Feather blade.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

A fine tool with a Feather blade.

Joachim Schmidt
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

My favourite. It works perfectly and I like the sound. I think it works a little bit better then Merkur 39c or 37c.

Sebastian Forbes
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Quality piece of craftsmanship.

It has taken me a month to get used to it - finally had a shave without any cuts !

I would recommend Personna for a carefree shave, Gillette 7 o'clock Sharpedge for a careful shave.

Tried the Feathers a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a few more months before I try them again.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

When I succumbed to the attractive looking Ikon Slant, I thought I loved Slant razors for their ease of use and amazing beard removing ability. Now, after one shave with the Ikon, I know I love Slant razors.

The razor arrived in some utilitarian and low-spec packaging. There was no fancy literature or decoration. My immediate impression was that the manufacturers wanted to let this razor make its own statements. The razor is very well made. It is heavier than the Mekur, but it is beautifully balanced. Somehow it felt familiar in the hand too. It is a lovely looking razor and well engineered.

I lathered up with some Proraso Red, loaded up with a Dorco blade and got down to business. I didn't experience any difficulty getting the blade aligned and loved the way the blade is gripped when the handle is tightened.

The razor glides. It made two days' growth vanish with astounding ease. But what struck me most is how noisy this razor is! Purists might say that this razor provides auditory feedback. Wow, I just enjoyed the noise. In fact, I switched off my bathroom fan so that I could really appreciate the way it roared through my beard.

It cleaned up nice when it was shaken in the bowl between strokes too.

The Ikon shaved well and through three passes it felt right. I got the impression that it coped with the awkward areas on my throat a lot better than the 39C. The shave was great. Looking at me in the mirror was one smug looking, well shaved Welshman!

The Ikon is a keeper. I am very pleased with it.




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