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Feather FII Neo Cartridge Razor

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Better known for their top of the range Double Edge Safety Razors and Cut Throat Razors, Feather also produce a two blade cartridge razor the F11 Neo. The F11 Neo Razor comes with two cartridge blades.

We advocate safety razors for a close and comfortable shave but we appreciate that for some guys a safety razor may not suit their skin type. Teenage boys with acne and those who have ultra sensitive skin will also benefit from using a two blade cartridge razor. Women also benefit from using a Feather Neo especially around the bikini area as the shave is so gentle for delicate skin.

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Why Buy A Feather F11 Neo?

Well for a start, this is a very good price for a Japanese made razor that comes with three blades, a holder and a shaving foam. Additionally, Feather make very high quality razors and the Neo is no exception.

We recommend you also buy a RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener, this handy, easy to use sharpener will extend the life of the blade giving you up to 150 shaves from one blade! Click here for more information. 



Weight: 94g

Length: 135mm

The head will swivel and change its cutting angle matching the contours of your face. The head can also be locked in place which is ideal for cutting sideburns nice and square.
Unlike Gillette, Wilkinson Sword and supermarket blades, Feather blades are very sharp meaning you need less passes to get a close shave and less passes = less irritation.


Changing blades is easy and quick. This two blade razor is better than other multi blade cartridges with three and more blades, the less metal on the face the less irritation you'll get.
Ensure you are using a clean, sharp cartridge blade. After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap, cream or gel to your face, dip the razor into warm water and begin to shave. We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes.



Brian Mulreany
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I reluctantly tested this razor assuming it would be a throwback to when I used a Gillette Mach3.
I was wrong!!
It feels good in the hand, well balanced and the shave was very good indeed. I used the free shaving foam for my first pass but I didn't like it so I switched to Arran Aromatics Driftwood and what a difference. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the shave was, very smooth and close. No irritation, no razor burn. I can see this being the razor we will recommend to guys with ultra sensitive skin and to teenage boys starting wet shaving. It's not as good as say a Muhle R89 or a Merkur 30c but it's much cheaper to buy and well made. 5 out of 5.

John lane
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Amazing razor! Extremely light on the skin but very sharp. 2 passes was all that was needed. If you have sensitive skin like me this is a must try.




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