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Executive Shaving Company Palm Sized Real Horn Lathering Bowl

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A stunning shaving lathering up bowl made entirely from real buffalo horn.
Use this to lather up shaving creams, the bowl is sized to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand while you lather up. Ideal too for storing coins, cufflinks, jewellery etc.
No two bowls are identical; the colours vary hugely from almost all black to blonde and all shades in between. Adding to the charm of these handmade bowls, they are very seldom perfectly round and the sizes we provide may vary by a millimetre or two. 
Handmade in India, beautiful to look at and perfectly sized for lathering up..

Product Code: ESC005771

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Handmade in India, the horn is a by product of the meat that the buffalo was bred for. 

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Average Dimensions: 125mm diameter x 45mm deep.


100% all natural buffalo horn


Shaving Cream: Drop a small dollop about the size of an almond of cream into the bowl, add a drop of water and lather with your shaving brush up until you get a nice, rich, creamy lather which you apply to the bearded area.
Cufflink/Earring/Trinket Holder: The bowls are just the right size for storing small items.
Do not leave the bowl exposed to direct sunlight as sunlight will fade the colours.
Wipe dry after use.



Peter Maley
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The one I received was mainly blonde in colour with specks of black and dark brown with one black cloud shape on the base. Utterly beguiling.
I am so very please with this bowl, the size is ideal and the colours beautiful.

Mark Curtis
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A great lathering bowl in size, usage and looks.
I wanted a bowl that I could easily travel with, so the ceramics were out, and I felt the stainless steel bowls looked too utilitarian. This bowl looks great, is a comfortable size in my hand, yet big enough so that my brush has plenty of room to work. Whilst it may look delicate, it certainly feels tough enough.

James Shephard
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I love the uniqueness of this bowl, nobody can have one the same as mine, and I love that. perfect size, material and looks...... I find it the bowl I always pull from my shaving drawer...... I have also dropped this bowl a couple of time onto a stone floor and can confirm it bounces well, a handy trait. Fits well in the hand and perfect for whipping the brush around. Just buy one you wont regret it.

Tommy Hughes (Carfin)
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I saw this on line and wasn't sure about it so nipped in to Exec Shave HQ today and talked to Brian about it. This a great piece of kit and looks much better in reality than it does on line. As the other reviews say it is very distinctive and there is enough room to work up plenty of rich lather. Much better than the small metal Muhle lathering bowl I bought months ago, although that will do for travel.

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Nice looking bowl, mine is mainly black and unusually flat on one side, like it's been kicked and scraped across the floor, resulting in some cream coloured lines. Beautiful. I've only given 3 stars because of its practicality. It's a good sized bowl but it is very light. Every time I leave my brush in it it topples over.




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