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Thiers-Issard Luxury Cut Throat Razor Shaving Set in Black

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Manufactured in France using the finest raw materials, this Thiers-Issard Cut Throat Razor/Straight Razor Shaving Set is a replica of a luxury shaving product, popular in the early 1900s, for storing straight razors and related shaving products. 

Many experienced straight razor users are of the opinion that Thiers-Issard razors and accessories are the very best available in the world today.

Make no mistake, this is a luxury, shaving set.

Product Code: ESC005499

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This Thiers-Issard Shaving Set makes a wonderful luxury gift for aficionados of the straight razor being a must have shaving accessory for gentlemen of taste.

From the presentation box, this set screams luxury and is packed with high quality products that will last for years to come.

If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, click here to browse our extensive collection of shaving sets to find something more suitable. 

For more information on cut throat shaving and stropping, please visit our Help and Advice section. Alternatively, take a look at our 'How To' guide before shaving with a cut throat razor, click here to read.


This quality, handmade Thiers-Issard Beechwood Razor Box is supplied complete with the following accessories:

  • Thiers-Issard Handmade 6/8 Carbon Steel Razor
  • Thiers-Issard branded Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush
  • Fitted Shaving Mirror
  • Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl
  • Thiers-Issard quality Shaving Soap Puck
  • Thiers-Issard Large Alum Block
  • Thiers-Issard Strop Paste
  • Double Sided Wooden with Leather Paddle Strop
  • Polishing / Cleaning Cloth


Ensure the razor is shave ready, strop beforehand if required.

Lubricate the bearded area with lather from a good quality shaving soap or cream, for best results use a shaving brush.

For a close shave, we recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave.

You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work.

This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful.

Use the Alum Block to seal the skin and stop any nicks and cuts bleeding whilst adding an antiseptic.



Fred Mcadam
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If like me you enjoy real artisan peices of work get this set.
Oh and the razor came shave ready unlike the last Dovo I bought.
Well thought out set, I love it.

Marion McWilliams
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The work on this set seems to be of a high specification. Gift for father so I can only comment on the speed of delivery - excellent, packaging - good and how it all looks and it looks good.

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Cool retro in a box - brings a smile to my face every time I open it... lovely.




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