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Feather Artist Club SS Razor Black

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Feather Artist Club RG Razor - the ultimate "replaceable blade" shaving razor.

Made in Japan by Jatai the world leaders in the manufacture of modern, top end shaving razors and blades. The Feather Artist Club RG Razor is made of chrome plated brass.

Providing excellent grip and control, the enamel handle is made from synthetically engineered resin which resists heat up to 135ºC. 

Product Code: ESC005304

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Jatai / Feather Replacement Blades - If you are an inexperienced straight razor shaver, we recommend initially the Artist Club ProGuard Blades. If you are an experienced straight razor user consider the Artist Club Professional Blades.

Please take a look at our 'How To' guide before shaving with a cut throat razor, click here to read.

No Stropping, No Honing. Pick up your razor and shave. If you want the 21st Century way to straight razor shave this is the way to go. Easy, Fast and Safe Blade Changing.

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All Jatai's razors and blades are designed to work and feel like a natural extension of the users mind, hand and eye. Jatai’s mission is simple - to manufacture the best razors and razor blades in the world. The craftsmanship on the Feather Artist Club RG Razor is stunning. 


Replacing Blades:

Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out. Changing the blade is fast, safe and easy.

The blade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled and reassembled for cleaning.


Lubricate the bearded area with lather from a good quality shaving soap or cream, for best results use a shaving brush.

For a close shave, we recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave.

You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work.

This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful.



Garry Adams
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Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes,

Harold Gough
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faultless, with the light blades you recommend I have had the best shaves ever. The blade is good for 8-10 shaves.
easier to master than I thought it would be.

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Brought this a week ago and can not fault this razor! It's balanced nicely and is a pleasure to use. Having never used one of these razors before I was a bit worried if I would be able to shave without harming myself but this razor with the pro guard blades have been fantastic. I've shaved 3 times with this now have final got the hang of getting a close shave without any cuts or nicks. Highly recommended and well made!

Aftab Ali
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Having moved to a very cheap shavette from a Gillette sensor excel, I wanted to go for my first straight razor. After trying out a Thiers Issard, it didn't quite work for me as I have a styled beard and even the smallest straight razor was difficult to maneuver. I thought i would give the Feather Artist SS a go and I an honestly say that it is a great razor.
It has a nice weighty feel to it, shaves very close and you can barely tell that its shaving, its a very light touch.
I can't say its any closer a shave than my previous shavette, but for styling a beard, quality engineering, maneuverability and stropless effeciency, it's perfect.

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After using a cheap shavette that took half a DE blade a handful of times and getting good shaves with them I wanted to upgrade to a cut throat but was put off by the maintenance i.e stropping and honing. However, I saw this razor , read the positive reviews on the shaving forums and decided to give this razor a try. I'm glad I did. I started with the pro guards and these were the best shaves I ever had. Zero irritation or burn and and the few razor bumps that I had are now gone. For the last month I've been using the Feather super professional blades and the shaves are even better ,two passes and a touch up and I'm BBS for ten hours. It really does not get better than this , I can highly recommend this razor.

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I've a collection of straight razors ranging from a high-end Thiers-Issard to (my personal favourite) a razor that was first in use when Queen Victoria was a slip of a girl. But I got weary of the stropping and (worse) the honing. I could never get the knack, and had to send my razors off to a professional. So, for quite a while I used a £5 shavette, which gave me great shaves. But it still didn't feel like a 'real' razor. I bought this item with a LOT of misgivings. Would it be any good? Would it be economical? Would I enjoy the experience? YES on all counts. if I somehow managed to lose this razor, I would INSTANTLY be on-line to buy another.

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After some advice, I decided to buy this razor as my first cut throat. Though shaving with this style of razor DOES take practise, I love it!! Its light, smooth and an absolute joy to use. Even with a growth of hair, this razor glides over the skin without the slightest problem. I cannot recommend this enough!




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