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Muhle Horn Synthetic Fibre Silvertip Shaving Brush (Small)

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The Muhle Synthetic Fibre Silvertip Shaving Brush is a world first with all of the benefits of a high quality, silvertip shaving brush.
Silvertip Fibres© are extremely hardwearing and incredibly soft when lathering on the face. 
The 100% vegan fibres are particularly kind on the face which is a great benefit for those who suffer from sensitive skin problems.
Synthetic fibre brushes have numerous benefits over badger hair brushes, the main ones being, they are not prone to hair shedding, they don't smell and they dry almost instantly making them superb for travel.
Read more about the benefits of synthetic brushes here.

Product Code: ESC005283

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Although soft to the touch, this brush is hardwearing and will give years of shaving pleasure. The future of wet shaving, with all the benefits of a silvertip badger hair brush.

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Bristle Diameter: 50mm
Bristle Length: 45mm
Total Length: 90mm
Knot Diameter: 20mm
Handle Diameter: 34mm

Excellent for lathering soaps and creams. The handles are hand turned from high quality, imitation horn resin.

German made - quality assured.


Wet the brush in warm water, flick off excess water. Gently swirl the brush in shaving cream or soap and create a rich, creamy lather.

Paint the lather onto your bearded area. Don't splay the brush hairs.

Once finished, rinse the brush under running water, flick excess water off. These brushes dry almost immediately - another benefit to a synthetic brush. 



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Bought this while in the shop getting some presents. This is an excellent brush. I use hard soaps and need a brush with good backbone and water retention to give a good lather. This brush excelled at both I was able to generate a lovely creamy lather using tabac soap. I was impressed with how soft it was on the face as I applied the lather. For 25 pounds I can't see how you could go wrong. The fact it's synthetic means it will last easy to care for and no breaking in. Try you will not be disappointed.

John Wilson
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I've been using this brush as a travel brush for about two years now. I've not had any difficulty in getting a lather from creams or soaps and it provides decent coverage. The bonus is it's quick drying. Recommended.

Kevin Morton
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It may be (slightly) smaller than most brushes but it is a pwoerful wee fella when it come sto lathering up!!! I am very happy with this brush, it is better than any animal hair brush I have owned in the past.




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