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Executive Shaving Silvertip Turnback Travel Shaving Brush - Ivory

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This turnback travel shaving brush brush is packed with Silvertip bristles, ultra-soft on the face yet highly durable.

The bristles are protected by the sleeve that fits over them protecting them from damage when you're on the move. The sleeve doubles as a handle, so ingenious!

Is there a better priced turnback silvertip shaving brush on the market? We don't think so.

Silvertip hair is as good as badger hair gets, soft on the face and beautiful to the eye. It lathers up shaving soaps and creams with ease. Perfectly sized, the perfect travelling companion.

Traditional ivory / cream colour.

The sleeve unscrews to reveal the badger hair, the screw is a LEFT HAND version, turn it clockwise to unscrew, anti-clockwise to tighten, take care not to overtighten.


Product Code: ESC005276

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The perfect brush for when you're travelling. Can be easily fitted into any wash bag and the outer case allows for safe transportation. 

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Handle/Case Height: 105mm

Handle/Case Diameter: 40mm

Knot Diameter: 23mm

Bristle Length: 55mm

Bristle Diameter: 45mm

Filled with Silvertip Badger Hair, this travel shaving brush is soft to the touch and will feel gentle on your face as it massages in the shaving cream.


Acyrilic handle with high grade silvertip badger hair. 


Wet the brush in warm water, flick off excess water. Gently swirl the brush in shaving cream or soap and create a rich, creamy lather.

Paint the lather onto your bearded area. Don't splay the brush hairs.

Once finished, rinse the brush under running water, flick excess water off, gently dab dry with a towel and store the brush where air can circulate around it before placing back in its protective casing.

Never use hot water on the brush. Hot water will damage the hair and can lead to the hair expanding and splitting the handle.




Colm Murray
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Bigger than it needs to be - its a travel brush for goodness sake!
The hair is superbly soft and the build quality is very good.
Only downside is the size - best used for an everyday brush that can also double up as a travel brush.

Dave Taylor
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Very good brush for travel, the case protects the brush, the bristles are very high quality.
Another good buy from Executive Shaving - well done guys.

Brian Dempsey
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Substantial, lathers up easily as it has good backbone.




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