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Feather Proguard Replacement Razor Blades (x15)

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This is the Proguard version of the Feather Replacement Cartridge Razor Blades suitable for the Cobra Safety Razor and Feather Cut Throat Razors that use disposable razor blades.

World famous blade technology from Jatai of Japan, known as the makers of the best and sharpest razor blades in the world.

Feather Razor Blades are injector razor blades. Feather Razor Blades are not only extremely sharp, they last longer too, in our experience you get at least 50% extra shaving life from a Feather compared to other brands. The injector system ensures quick and safe blade replacement.

Product Code: ESC005256

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These blades are long-lasting, very sharp and compatible with the famous Cobra Safety Razor, click here to view this fine piece of work.

Not exactly what you need? Click here to browse our razor blades selection to ones more suited.


Feather Proguard Blades differ from the more common Feather Professional Blades in that they have a blade exposure of only 1.2mm and a thickness of only 0.15mm.

It is these dimensions combined that provide a degree of protection to the user, they are not nearly as aggressive as the Feather Professional Blades.

Pack of 15 razor blades



Damian T.
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The dogs danglers!!

Simon Knight
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Much more user friendly than the Feather Professional blades!!

Sven Halle
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Just be careful, very sharp indeed, you need the touch of a fairy to use these blades but the shave is an experience to treasure. Use with the Cobra safety razor or with the Feather cut throat as my barber does.

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Upon my first uses I found these blades to be very aggressive however using them with a Feather Artist, they are fairly easy to get used to. Personally I think Feather DE blades are sharper as my one pass shaves with these aren't too close. Maybe it's time to upgrade. Good for beginners though.

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I have to admit when first purchasing these I was a little daunted not having used Feather blades and the terror people like to associate with them! I found the shave with the blades in conjunction with the ES Claymore SE razor to be very smooth, very close and not much in the way of aggressiveness, personally I find trying them out for yourself is the best way to find out whether you will like them or not!




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