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Executive Shaving Faux Horn Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Stand

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This is a top quality Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush, one of our top sellers.
The Executive Shaving logo on the brush is our guarantee of quality. 

The grade of badger hair used in this brush is 'best', however the quality is so high it can easily pass as a 'super' grade. Outstanding value for money!

Badger hair shaving brushes lather up shaving soaps and creams like no other type of brush can. A shaving brush loaded up with a lather will soften the bristles leading to a close shave

This brush comes with a FREE drip stand worth £3.70. After use, rinse the brush in running, luke warm water. Flick it a few times to get rid of excess water then gently drag it over a dry towel, finally hang the brush upside down on the stand in a place where fresh air can circulate around the brush. Follow our advice and this brush will not suffer from mildew, expect many years of pleasurable use from this brush.

Finished in faux horn, no two brushes have the same finish, very realistic, looks exactly like real horn.

Product Code: ESC005225

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One of the most popular brushes we stock.

Unbelievable value for money with fantastic quality and size too, this brush could last a lifetime if looked after properly.

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Bristle Diameter: 50mm

Bristle Length: 50mm

Total Length: 100mm

Knot Diameter: 20mm

Handle Diameter: 34mm

The handy plastic drip stand can be used free standing or you can stick it on a wall using the supplied stick on pad. The drip stand will ensure that your brush is aerated properly which will prolong its life.


Wet the brush in warm water, flick off excess water. Gently swirl the brush in shaving cream or soap and create a rich, creamy lather.

Paint the lather onto your bearded area. Don't splay the brush hairs.

Once finished, rinse the brush under running water, flick excess water off, gently dab dry with a towel and store the brush upside down on the stand where air can circulate around the brush.

Never use hot water on the brush. Hot water will damage the hair and can lead to the hair expanding and splitting the handle.



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Lathers up like a dream, soft on the face and came with a free stand. No complaints only congratulations.

Mandy Pritchard
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I bought this for my husband when he hit age 30, he loves it having used Gillette in a can until now.
Now i know what to get him for Christmas and birthdays - shaving stuff!
He is more kissable now with his baby soft face.

Scott Duff
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I popped into Executive Shaving Offices for this brush on the recommendation of my cousin who bought one online, popping in if you're near by saves on the postghe.
Anyways the brush ................... just the right size, nice shaped handle and is this really just best hair? Feels more like silvertip? 5 outta 5.

James Hellyer
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Nice shaving brush. Looks solid and expensive. A great step up from artificial bristle brushes!

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Decided to upgrade from a Pure Badger brush that I'd bought from Crabtree & Evelyn for about the same price. I have to say, this one is MUCH better. I gave it a test drive this morning and it produced great lather really easily, felt a lot softer and not scratchy unlike my previous brush. Felt softer than a Silvertip brush I had a feel of in Silverburn (display only one - don't worry!) and was a pleasure to use. Buy one now - you won't regret it!

Jim Dunbar
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Just bought one like this and delighted with it. Lathers up superbly, soft on the skin, an excellent buy complete with stand, looks great too!

Luke Divers
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The dogs danglers of shaving brushes.
The Muhle Black handle is the dogs danglers of razors!




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