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Executive Shaving Company Real Buffalo Horn Lathering Up Bowl

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One of our top selling items, these buffalo horn shaving lathering bowls are very special as each bowl is unique.

Each bowl varies in colour from almost all black to light brown and even blonde. The size may vary by a millimeter or two from the dimensions provided and few are perfectly round. All these factors add to the charm of these bowls.

Can also be used as a trinket bowl, cufflinks storage, coin bowl and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Best suited to small and medium size brushes, there is a larger size horn bowl available.

Handmade in India, the horn is a by product of the meat that the buffalo was bred for. 

Product Code: ESC005203

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These bowls are beautiful to look at and use. As no two bowls are the same, your bowl will be unique to you. The colours vary from blonde to black and all shades in between.

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Average Dimensions: 90mm diameter x 30mm deep, bowls will vary slightly in size and may not be completely round - such is the nature of these charming handmade horn bowls.


100% real buffalo horn


Shaving Soap: Place and leave your soap in the bowl, with a shaving brush lather the soap until you get a nice, rich, creamy lather which you then apply to the bearded area.

Shaving Cream: Drop a small dollop of your shaving cream into the bowl, add a drop or two of water and lather up until you get a nice, rich, creamy lather which you apply to the bearded area.

Cufflink / Earring / Trinket Holder: The bowls are just the right size for storing small items.



Stephen Handy
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Smaller than I thought it would be although that's my fault as the bowl is exactly as described on the website.
Nice colouring the grain of the horn is very nice indeed.
Different and very good.

Jonny H
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Perfect size and just an incredibly nice bowl for shaving with. Exactly what I was looking for.

Mark Douglas
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Glorious little bowl. The natural horn material is, naturally, warm to the touch and extra glossy. Perfect for cufflinks etc., or travel which is how I'll be using it. Maybe I'll buy another...

Joshua H
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I have one of these and they are really lovely to look at but lose a star for the practicality side of things. If you use it to lather up, you will get some coming over the sides that will get on your hands and make them slippery. I tend to lather up three times and it can be annoying to keep washing your hands every time you want to shave.




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