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Feather Professional Injector Blades

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Suitable for the Cobra Safety Razor and Feather Cut Throat Razors that use disposable razor blades.

World famous blade technology from Jatai of Japan, known as the makers of the best and sharpest razor blades in the world. Feather Razor Blades are injector razor blades.

These blades have been made to replicate the shave you would get from a 5/8ths cut throat razor.

 Feather Razor Blades are not only extremely sharp, they last longer too, in our experience you get at least 50% extra shaving life from a Feather compared to other brands.

The injector system ensures quick and safe blade replacement.

Product Code: ESC004740

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These blades are long-lasting, very sharp and compatible with the famous Cobra Safety Razor, click here to view this fine piece of work.

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The blade is 0.25mm thick while the blade exposure is 1.2mm

Pack of 20 razor blades


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Steve Carter
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The star rating on these blades should be much higher, perhaps as high as 20, they really are that good. Use with the Cobra razor, in shaving terms, the finest double act on the planet. Treat with the utmost respect, this class act will never let you down, ever...

Will Adams, Glasgow
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Long lasting, good for 15 shaves on my Cobra.
As sharp as a blade can ever be, smooth shaver too.

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Use these with the Artist Feather and they are first class! No length of hair is a problem and glides across the face perfectly while at the same time, as sharp as sharp can be!

Rod Beaver
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I have been using these, in conjunction with a Claymore for many months. My previous 'go to' blades were Feather DE or Gillette Silver Blue DE from which I got three close shaves before discarding. The Feather Pros have been giving me 6, sometimes 7 close shaves, which makes the blade cost per shave similar to the double-edge blades mentioned earlier. The big difference for me is that the combination of Claymore and single-edge Feather is FAR more forgiving whilst still giving a very close and comfortable shave. I cannot speak for the much vaunted Cobra razor but the Claymore combination would surely satisfy the most picky of users.




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