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Thiers-Issard No. 260 Strop Paste

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This is Thiers-Issard recommended paste for using with all Thiers-Issard Strops.

Not restricted only to Thiers-Issard, this high quality strop paste is equally adept on all types of strops.

This is a non toxic, sharpening paste which is specially formulated with diamond particles and aluminium oxide to give the paste the approximate cutting equivalent of a 10,000 grit honing stone.

Product Code: ESC004665

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We recommend this strop paste for use with all Thiers-Issard strops. This Handheld Dual Leather Strop if a popular strop and is compatible with this paste, click here for more information. 

For more information on strop pastes, click here to read our Shavepedia.


Weight: 10g (liptick size)

The paste when used with a strop will remove the microscopic burrs which form on the cutting edge of the razor (the fin) when shaving.

Established in France in 1884 Thiers-Issard manufactures some of the very best traditional shaving razors and accessories in the world.


Diamond paste


For best results apply to the fabric of the strop or if your strop is all leather apply to the coarse face of the strop.



Marc Walker
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Expensive - but all strop pastes are.
Very fast delivery.
Paste does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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Does what it needs to, though as a newbie to straight razor shaving, i had to do some digging around before learning that it's best to soften the hard paste using a hairdryer, before massaging it into your strop. Otherwise it just clumps and doesn't do what you need it to.

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I am new to stropping straight razors and was a bit unsure as to the different grades of stropping paste by Dovo and so as I have a Dovo Bismarck and a Thiers Issard razor, I wanted one strop paste to get me started.
I was reluctant to use it for a while and just stropped on smooth leather but I thought my Dovo Bismarck wasn't as sharp as it could be so I warmed this paste up with a hair dryer and rubbed it into the rough side of the Executive shaving strop and stropped the razor about 30 times and finished off with a light strop on the smooth side with a bit of yellow Dovo strop leather balm.
What a result , it made a clear improvement. The razor is much sharper and it really did work in getting a really sharp edge and a smoother shave.

I think Dovo straight edge razors don't come new quite as sharp as they should and certainly not as sharp as my new Thiers Issard so can recommend this strop paste for getting a razor in a true 'shave ready' condition.

Ken Woodhall
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I had a cheap MACS Razor, and just to see how good the paste was I stropped it, and it is now good enough to shave with. I will use it on my Dovo & Boker Razors now.




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