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Merkur Progress 510 Long Handle Safety Razor in Chrome

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From Merkur of Solingen Germany, comes the long handle 5 way, fully adjustable, Merkur Progress Safety Razor in chrome.

The Merkur Progress comes with an easy to use adjustable mechanism which allows you to change the blade angle and the amount of blade that is exposed for shaving to give you exactly the shave you're looking for - close and comfortable.


Product Code: ESC004454

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Highly praised on the various shaving blogs - the Merkur Progress Long Handle 510C is one of the very best safety razors around. It can be adjusted to suit your own beard needs giving you exactly the shave you want. 


Long Handle.

5 way adjustable.

Manufactured by Merkur Stahlwaren in Solingen, Germany, who have for many years manufactured the finest razors and grooming accessories, using only the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship.


Insert a sharp blade into the razor, and then simply twist the handle to 1 of its 5 predetermined settings. You can change the angle of the blade inside the razor head for exactly the shave you want. 

After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap cream or gel to your face, dip the safety razor into warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face. We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. 

Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes. 



Mr JL Keane
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Wonderful shaver, use it on number 3 for a good shave. Only gripe is the plastic or is bakelite knob on the base of the handle.
The knob apart, this is a top razor, adjust to suit your beard.

Geoff Mundel
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Pretty much faultless, as described. I particularly like the fact I can start of on my preferred number 3 setting then turn it down to number 1 for finishing off. Very well made, I'm happy with this razor and the Taylor's Peppermint cream I also bought, together they are a wonderful combination.

GH- The man with the plan
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This is the only razor you need - EVER! If you haven't shaved for a few days turn it up, to do a polishing off pass - turn it down. For me works best with Polisilver blades, they're very good but no matter how good the blade is if the razor isn't up to much you wont get a good shave. This razor gives great shaves.

Matt van Damn
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I have just had my ninth shave with this razor (using three shaves each with Gillette Silver Blues, Polisilver and Personna Blues) and I'm a big fan. The first two shaves were a little close, so I have been experimenting with settings. I'm not getting zero irritation and a close shave with 2-3 passes. As an entry to DE shaving, I can't fault it at all. Thanks Brian for the recommendation.




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