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Merkur Travel Safety Razor

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The Merkur Travel Safety Razor is well designed and looks great too. It can be easily dismantled to fit inside the leather pouch it comes in making it ideal for holidays and travel. 

Nicely priced, you get a German made, high quality travel double edge safety razor that will give the usual Merkur close yet comfortable shave and when not in use the razor in its pouch only measures 55mm x 55mm - easily stored. 

Product Code: ESC004449

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For not a lot of money you get a stunning travel double edge razor that will give the usual Merkur close shave and when not in use, pop it in the pouch provided after letting it aerate.

If this isn't the safety razor that you're looking for, click here to browse our extensive collection and find something more suitable.


The handle unscrews into 2 pieces while the head is a 2 piece construction.

Length (in use): 7.3cm
When dismantled: 4cm x 2.5cm
Weight (including case); 70g

Shiny nickel plating throughout, lightly knurled handle and highly polished head.
German made, quality assured. 
Includes 1 x free Merkur Razor Blade.


Shiny nickel plating throughout, real leather pouch.


Assemble the safety razor and insert a sharp blade.
After applying a pre-shave treatment and your shaving soap cream or gel to your face, dip the safety razor into warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face. We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes. Watch our safety razor tutorial video for lots of tips.



James Ashmore
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Superbly fit for purpose. Well made, easy to use and disassembles to a very small and neat leather pouch. I use it every weekend while I'm away and it gives a shave the equal of any other of my razors.
Tip-don't be tempted to pack the smaller handle section inside the barrel of the larger one, as it's possible for it to get temporarily stuck. Not a disaster, but it takes some fiddling to get it out again. No travel bag should be without it!

William Derby
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Merkur make wonderful razors, the head is the same one as on the popular 34c and 33c so it gives a good shave. The design is highly practical.
Comment: Executive Shaving deliver is super fast time and give good telephone advice too.

Jon Mathias
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I had intended to use up an existing supply of plastic razor cartridges on travelling first but you just can't go back to cartridge razors once you've started DE shaving...

This is a really nice razor. As the handle is hollow, it's not that heavy but it's heavy enough at 49g excluding the case (no idea why the blurb says 4.5g - it would blow away in the breeze if it did!). The handle is necessarily tapered but has plenty of chequering for a good grip so it's easy to control. Incidentally, another reviewer has mentioned not storing the narrower handle section inside the wider one as it gets stuck. This will only happen if you insert the male end of the narrower section first. Insert the female end first and you end up with two neat pieces (the handle and the head) that fit in the included travel case.

The razor is beautifully finished and shaves as well as my Muhle R89. The leather case is neat and fits easily in a corner of any wash bag. Note that the supplied item does not match the picture as the snap closure button is actually plain shiny black, not metallic grey as shown.

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As a travel razor it is exactly what it says it is, but I have a real problem with this razor, I find the handle too short. and rarely get an adequate shave with it. Whether this is due to using another razor in my home shaving kit or because I don't use it very often and so am not as practiced with it. But it does not work for me

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I've just received my Merkur Travel Razor. What a fantastic piece of engineering & well made. I was quite surprised at how small it reduced to. It was also fantastic news about the return of the Fitjar soap. I shall be reordering soon.




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