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Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel (10ml)

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Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel is a great alternative to the styptic pencil.

In the event of 'nicking' yourself while shaving, a small amount of this astringent healing gel will stop any minor bleeding.

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1926, Proraso products are rich in natural vegetable extracts, are without artificial colours and are dermatologically tested.

Proraso is one of the leading suppliers of men's shaving goods in the world, millions of men love using Proraso at part of their daily shaving and grooming routine.

Product Code: ESC004381

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A perfect and more modern alternative to the styptic pencil.

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Tube Size: 10ml


A little goes a long way as only a tiny spot of Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel is needed to lighty apply onto a nick or cut. 




James Ashmore
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Effective, but a little messy compared to a styptic pencil perhaps. On the other hand it wont leave a white smear on your face, so overall I prefer it when I occasionally nick myself-usually due to being distracted by "she who must be obeyed" !

Gordon Sheridan
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Very handy little product for the rare cut I give myself. Doesn't nip or leave the white residue that a styptic pencil does.

James Hellyer
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Quite messy to use and leaves a nasty plastic skin residue.

Bobby M
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Not the best product to apply to your skin - it takes a bit of an effort (and time) to actually stop any nicks from bleeding, and to add insult to injury (how fitting), you also get that instantly recognizable residue on your face as well. "Messy" is a word I'd also use to describe this cream, especially seeing as the tiny tube top tends to get blocked up easily if it comes in contact with water drops.

Simon (Bignewshound)
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The best £3.95 any wet shaver could spend. I don't cut myself often but got the opportunity to try this out on the day it arrived (In super fast time from Executive-Shaving. Thank you). I used a new Japanese feather replacable razor and blade for the first time, which was not as easy as I expected mainly because the blade was too sharp for me.. lesson there. So little nick on chin was dealt with so simply and effectively with the Proraso gel. I use Alum usually. But this is the new go to product if i ever nick myself again.




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