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Thiers-Issard Open Razor Gift Set in Imitation Ivory

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Handmade in France by the master craftsmen at Thiers-Issard, this is truly a wonderful, luxury Shaving Set.

Containing all you need to achieve the perfect shave, the handmade shaving items in this set are fine examples of French design and engineering.

Thiers-Issard shaving items are thought by many experienced shavers to be the very best in the world, there is a cult status worldwide on various shaving blogs.

Many say that the best way to achieve a perfect shave is with the use of a traditional ‘Straight Razor', sometimes called a ‘Cut Throat' or an ‘Open Razor.'

Product Code: ESC004370

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Perfect for both beginners and the more experienced shavers, this set is something special that will last a lifetime.

Please take a look at our 'How To' guide before shaving with a cut throat razor, click here to read.

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  • Handmade 'Shave Ready' Jaguar 6/8 Straight Razor with Imitation Ivory Handle
  • Handmade 21mm Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush in Imitation Ivory
  • Handmade Brushed Steel Shaving Soap Bowl with Lid
  • Handmade Double-sided Leather Paddle Strop
  • Handmade Thiers-Issard Alum Block
  • Thiers-Issard Strop Paste
  • Thiers-Issard Shaving Soap Puck
  • Sharpening and Care Instructions

Presented in a clear plastic covered box more for safe transit than anything else, this Thiers-Issard Open Razor Set is perfect for both beginners and experienced shavers.


Use the brush to ensure the skin is well protected with a thick layer of shaving cream or soap.

Ensure the razor is shave ready, strop beforehand if required.

Lubricate the bearded area with lather from a good quality shaving soap or cream, for best results use a shaving brush.

For a close shave, we recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.

We strongly recommend you watch some tutorial cut throat YouTube videos BEFORE your first shave.

You only need to apply minimal pressure, let the razor do the work.

This razor is extremely sharp, please be careful.



Miranda Copeland
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I cant comment on how the razor shaves as I bought this as a gift for my long suffering partner. He is highly impressed with the kit. Says it's the dogs you know what's!!
Arrived the next day, great service from Executive Shaving Company.

Gordon Mackie
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Bought after reading about Thiers on Badger & Blade and The Shaving Room. Glad I did as I am happy with the set. All I need to get started. Well packaged by The Executive Shaving Co, no complaints and they took my order by telephone and gave me good advice.




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