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Castle Forbes Lavender Shaving Cream 200ml

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Exceptionally formulated and according to some, Castle Forbes make the best shaving creams in the world.

Paraben free, no added colour, no animal products or testing, no fragrance only pure essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream is especially good for those with sensitive skin.

Product Code: ESC004138

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Known to be the World's Best Shaving Cream - a Scottish treat and luxury at its finest - you will not be disappointed. 

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Tub Size: 200ml - should be sufficient for 5/6 months use. 

Not the cheapest but only a small amount of cream is needed with the generous addition of water to produce a rich, creamy yet extremely fine lather for a superbly close shave. 


Aqua (water), Stearic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Myristic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Coconut Acid, Dipropylene Glycol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil), Citric Acid, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylisothiazolinone, Potassium Sorbate, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol.


For best results, use with a good quality shaving brush and a few drops of warm water, lather for around 1 minute until a rich, thick and emulsion-like lather is formed then paint onto the face.

Note: A little goes a long way - only use a small amount!

Adding a touch more water will provide re-lathering for second and third passes, if required without using any more cream.



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very good but not as good as their Lime. Still better than most.

Jim Dunbar
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This is superb, lovely fresh lavender scent, very full and creamy. I was advised to dip my pinkie into the tub and apply the cream to a damp brush. It is amazing just how much lather is produced from so little application, so,expect it to last a good while too.

Bob Avington
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I usally stick with Trumpers but this is pure luxury.

Stuart Heard
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Once again, Brian was kind enough to recommend this cream to me after a friendly chat on the phone.
My first shave was a disaster, nothing like I was expecting after reading lots of information on this cream.
I was left sore after I had followed my usual routine of mixing and only discovered after my shave that I had not mixed the cream properly.
This cream needs work, and then more work. I've found to start with apply a small amount of cream to a fairly dry brush then start working in a bowl. Slowly add just a small amount of water and keep mixing. The lather soon appears but keep mixing avoiding too much water. After a while what looked like good lather turns into a mass of thick dense cream like substance and its then ready.
The smell is amazing, the closeness of the shave is amazing and the glide is just right.

Jason Dyson, London
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How to use:
Place a small amount into a lathering bowl, add a drop or two of water then whip up a lather with your shaving brush, add more water if needed and repeat. Then lather on the face for about 30 seconds.

Jon Tomkins
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If Calsberg did shaving creams, this would be it.
I was put off previously thinking it would smell like cheap perfume the type very old ladies use when going to bingo.
However after being persuaded to give it a try by Robert at Executive Shaving I have to say bin the prejudice and get some!!

Scott, Glasgow
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Had some doubts as I've got sensitive skin and thought it might be too perfumed but Brian said to trust him...and it was a good decision. Very little goes a long way, it doesn't irritate the skin, and the smell is 'classy' for want of a better word. Just use small amount in a shaving bowl, some water...and keep going. The lather is wonderful when you get it just right.

Ravi Majevadia
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Have a few soaps and creams namely TOBS & PAA and was looking for the next step up in performance. I have to say hands down this beats all my soaps & creams I own. The cushioning is beautiful, glide is just right-if there was one word for this product it would be “Balance”. Scent is extremely relaxing, I am an evening shaver and the relaxing natural oils is a delight to the nose; reminds me of being in a massage parlour. There are other products which have similar properties however stand out for me is the Post Shave feel, no other product leaves my face so nourished and soft, even though I always do it feels you can go on without a post shave cream. I will say, the cream does take a bit of practice and experimenting to find that sweet spot..but once you have the water/cream ratio figured out it will be an absolute delight to use. Just been advised to get the Lime from Brian for my morning shaves..can’t wait to use and give you my feedback. It is fair to say that I now buy all my Traditional shaving gear from Exec Shaving. The service is truly exceptional; if that is speaking with Brian or Alan, their passion and experience in TS always leads to a great conversation and sound advice. I have called numerous times and gone with their recommendations; I have never been let down. I just wish they were down in London so I could meet them face to face.

Robert Bell
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Was advised to dip my little pinkie winkie in too then I realised straight away about all those nasty chemicals I felt on my delicate skin. Methylparaben, polyparaben. All the bloody parabens under the sun. And a snip too at £22.50. I think some of theses reviews are a tad suspect too.

Executive Shaving response - having checked the packaging of the lavender cream, the first statement on the back of the carton is 'No Parabens'. Castle Forbes themselves have also confirmed that no parabens are used in the production of this cream.

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This is even better than the Castle Forbes Lime cream. Very rich and creamy lather.The razor glides over your face cutting your beard effortlessly. Only two passes to get a smooth face. I do use a preshave cream first so maybe this helps. Not so keen on the lavender aroma but worth it for the fabulous cream.




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