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Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr Taylors Shaving Cream (150g)

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Presented in a screw-thread tub, this Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream has been specially formulated without parabens making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Mr Taylor's Shaving Cream has a manly, crisp and spicy fragrance in which tarragon, lavender and incense combine with hints of green galbanum and citrus.

Product Code: ESC004091

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Mr Taylor is suitable for men of all ages as it's light, fresh and not too strong for everyday use. 

We recommend you use this with a good quality brush- either badger, boar or even synthetic - to create an optimum lather with this cream.

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Tub Size: 150g

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream can be used with or without a brush and will create a smooth and creamy lather whilst moisturising the skin and softening the hair to give a better shave.


For best results, use with a good quality shaving brush and a few drops of warm water, lather for around 1 minute until a rich, thick and creamy lather is formed then paint onto the face.



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It's inexpensive and produces a great lather, which seems to be on a par with the other barbershop creams - no room for improvement.

It has the Mr Taylor's smell, but sadly it's a little bit weak and I find myself wishing they'd put a little bit more scent in.

However it's easily the best value of the 3 main barbershops and at the price can't be faulted. Even if the scent was stronger it'd be long gone by the time my face was wiped, alum was applied and wiped and I was ready for aftershave so it's not a big issue.

Phil Wharton
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This is a personal view - I found this cream to not really give me much more lather than my standard shaving soap - smell gets better on mixing but post shave skin feels dry and looking in mirror after lunch face didn't agree with this one. I think this must be the alcohol in it? see my review on Executive Shaving Bay Rum Shaving Cream out of choice I would choose the latter.




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