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Merkur 39C 'Barber Pole' Slant Safety Razor

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Merkur of Solingen presents its fabulously finished '39C Barber Pole' Double Edge Safety Razor.

It has a slanted cutting angle and a longer handle than most safety razors.

As with all Merkur safety razors the weight and balance is of the highest quality. 

Product Code: ESC004076

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This razor will give a close shave with a minimum of passes. German made - quality assured, this razor is a fine example of precision engineering and should provide you with decades of use. 

Also look at the 38C edition which has a straight (non slanted) head or click here to browse our complete range of safety razors. 


Slant head.

Long handle.

Compatible with all double edge blades.


Insert a sharp blade into the razor.
After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap cream or gel to your face, dip the safety razor into warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face. We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. 
Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes. 



Alex Johnson / Derry
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I was recommended this razor by someone at Executive Shaving. The razor is exactly as described, incredible engineering, the weight is just right and the shave as smooth as promised by Executive Shaving (was it Barry?).
Yes yes yes - go get one!

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This is not for a beginner to DE shaving. It was my second razor bought after I had a few months of experience with DE shaving. I consulted various shaving blogs and forums before deciding on this one.
The 39C is a fairly hefty razor with a cast head and a long and heavy shaft. It is also a very aggressive razor. The right technique is to keep a light touch, and it will slice through several days worth of beard with ease. It will leave your face significantly smoother.
I have tried it with various blades, and I have noticed that it works best when paired with Feather blades.
Go ahead and get one !

James Ashmore
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Various blogs recommend the Slant Bar as one's second razor purchase and for good reason. It is perfect for a 2 day growth, having the cutting power of more aggressive razors, yet far kinder to the face if wielded gently. Perfect for the combination of heavier beard and sensitive skin. Brilliant.

Myles Daniels
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Not for shaving with every day unless you use a very light touch, a sharp blade and a high quality cream / soap. Not for a new comer to DE shaving.
If you know what you're doing - buy one, it slices through my tough beard like no other razor can.

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Bought one of these about 18 months ago. Was tempted to try the Cornerstone boys razor and products. after using them for about 2 months, tried the slant bar comparison whatsoever. Cornerstone has just been binned. Merkur slant with Gillette silver blues blows it away....their shave products are ok...but cant compete with the range at executive shaving.....I wont be going anywhere else from now on...lesson learned.




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