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Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

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The Merkur 23C Closed Comb Long Handle Safety Razor is one of the best selling Double Edge Safety Razors in the world. The long knurled handle allows for a firm grip and it has a simple, quick and safe blade replacement mechanism. Expect a mild yet very effective shave from this razor. The 23c shares the same head as the much loved but short handle 34c.


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German made - quality assured. The Merkur 23C is manufactured by Merkur Stahlwaren in Solingen, Germany. This razor is lightweight and easily maneuvered and suits everyone, but especially those with large hands.

If this isn't the safety razor for you, click here to see our extensive collection of safety/double edge razors. 


Head: Closed Comb, Nickel Plate
Handle: 4" / 95mm 
Lightweight: Only 5.9g
Knurled handle for a firm grip.
Simple, quick and safe blade replacement.
Compatible with all standard double edge replacement blades. 


Metal alloy with chrome plating.


Insert a sharp blade into the razor.
After applying a pre shave treatment and your shaving soap, cream or gel to your face, dip the safety razor into warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face.We recommend that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain.
Be sure to regularly rinse the blade in warm water between passes.



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I have owned this razor for nearly ten years and it's my pride and joy. Nicely weighted handle and simple construction makes it easy to use for beginners too. I've tried other more expensive safety razors and I always end up using this one, even though it's taken a bit of a beating while travelling over the years. Just adds character if you ask me.

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I had my first ever DE shave with a Merkur 34C, and though it was excellent, I was left with a raw face as I could not balance the blade properly. Then, it hit me! The handle was too short for my hands! So I picked up the Merkur 23C, and just had my first shave with it. Let's just say I will never go back to regular cartridge shaving! I am giving this a 4.5, as I'm certain one of the more premium razors would be of better quality, but darn if the price of this Merkur isn't right. This, along with the 34C for smaller handers, are the two best starting razors for DE newbies. Even after I've been using it for years, I can see myself coming back to it. Excellent build, and I'm fresh faced as can be.

Peter Banach. Enfield, USA
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Thanks to you I've switched from a multi blade to a DE. My skin is almost clear of shaving rash. Years I've been like that. "Mercur" 23c. Very forgiving.

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Learning to shave properly, aged 49 3/4 ! It was a year ago when I learnt to shave. I thought I'd learned when I was a teenager with my first gillette disposable but I was wrong. I'd always kept up with the latest gillette developments from the “Contour” to the “Fusion” and always thought they were great but expensive, but they got more expensive as they kept adding more blades and presumably wanted to recoup their R&D costs, even though they did last longer. One day, I started to wonder why I was paying nearly £3 per blade (they surely only cost pence to make), and still getting to the end of the day thinking I could do with another shave. A little research later, and finding Brian (Dr Shave, that made me laugh) and his video on youtube showing how to use a double-edged safety razor led me to consider trying something different. I ordered the Merkur 23C long handle razor mainly because, well it had a long handle, that seemed similar in length to my familiar and comfortable gillette. Plus a few reviews I'd read said it was good for beginners. I ordered a selection of blades to try, some of Brian's own brand pre-shave oil, and some Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream plus their moisturising cream. I had never used a moisturiser in my life, but I thought Brian might be right so I'd give it a go. Pre-shave oiled up, I set to work. The Merkur 23C was in fact a delight to use. After moisturising I couldn't actually believe how smooth my face was. It was a revelation.

Jon D
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My first and only DE razor - have been using it 2 months now. Thought it would take a bit of getting used to, but actually had a great shave from day 1 and it's only getting better. I now look forward to shaving?! The 23C is very forgiving but effective, I get a fantastic shave and much less irritation than the old Mach 3. I haven't felt the 34C, but I really like the balance of this one, and wouldn't want the handle any shorter. Very easy to hold, no issues with slipping as I saw in a Muhle review, and very well made.




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