"Game changing product as a pre shave...

No mess, will last for ages and help in your wet shaving routine."

Patchouli & Lime pre-shave oil bottle surrounded by sliced limes on a wet purple surface.

Water Soluble - No oily mess or residue on your razor, brush or sink.

Maximum Protection -Allows razors to glide effortlessly over skin.

Softens hairs to make them easier to cut

A bottle of Patchouli & Lime natural pre-shave oil on a purple background.

Made from natural ingredients - suitable for all skin types.

Contains no animal products & never tested on animals.

Helps reduce skin irritation cause by shaving

Made With Quality Ingredients

What Our Customers Say

"Much better shaving experience now that I'm using this product: smoother shave and no rash. Smells great too!"

Laurent C.

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"I have been using this product for several years, it sets your beard up as a pre shave and you get a very good shave as a result."

Adam B.

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"Really does make a difference. Worth every penny and last much longer than you think. My 2nd bottle and will certainly buy again."

Matthew M.

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"Awesome product, helps soften hair, after weekend of not shaving to aid the shaving process."

Joe S.

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Executive Shaving Water Soluble Pre Shave Oil 150ml

Handmade in Scotland from all-natural ingredients, our Water Soluble Pre Shave has a pleasant and refreshing patchouli and lime scent and delivers exceptional lubrication allowing your razor to glide over the skin with ease when shaving.