Discover the Pleasure of Shaving

with our Executive Shaving Starter Kits

Experience an unmatched, comfortable shave with our Executive Shaving Starter Kits.

Transform shaving from a task to delight with this durable kit that adds luxury to your daily routine while preserving your skin and the environment.

Better for Your Skin

  • Experience fewer blades touching your skin leading to a significant reduction in skin irritation.

  • Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs with our mindful shaving technique.

  • Delight in superior comfort each time you shave.

  • Enjoy the protection your skin craves during the shaving process.

  • Nourish your skin, not just shave it. Our products ensure you're left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Better for Your Wallet

  • Savor the elevation of our high-quality products designed to last for years, providing unrivalled longevity and sustainability.

  • Reap the financial benefits in the long run with a wise investment in your grooming routine.

  • Enjoy approximately six good months of daily use with the oil, cream, and balm included in our kits.

  • Let the high yield of our products astound you, extending the pleasure of your daily shaving routine.

Better for the Environment

  • Proudly reducing plastic waste with our 100% stainless steel blades, shaping a greener future for grooming.

  • Committed to low-impact packaging, fully recyclable and consciously designed for our planet.

  • Dedication to aerosol-free products, respecting both skin-health and Earth's atmosphere.

  • Firm promise of cruelty-free grooming - none of our products are tested on animals. Groom with confidence, knowing you're making an ethical choice.

Executive Shaving Safety Razor Starter Kit


The Safety Razor Starter Kit includes everything you need to enjoy a luxurious, close and comfortable wet shave. Containing our top selling products, the razor and the brush will give you many years of service while the pre shave, shaving cream and post shave will last you for around 6 months of daily use. 


Water soluble pre shave oil for an extra layer of protection

Super soft synthetic shaving brush

Original natural shaving cream for a rich lather

German made MÜHLE R89 safety razor for a close, comfortable shave

Tiger safety razor blades (5 pack)

Intensive Moisturiser to calm & soothe the skin

Alum matchsticks for those nicks that can happen!

What Our Customers Said

  • Thank you for introducing me to the world of wet shaving. It brings back memories of my father who used a butterfly razor in the 1960s.

    Peter L.

  • Thought I would try a new shaving routine so bought this. Really pleased with results. Quality items and gives me a refreshing shave. Highly recommended.

    Jim S.

  • My kit is fantastic - I was looking for a closer shave and this kit was exactly what I was looking for. The products are fantastic and I am thrilled with the purchase! Thank you Executive Shaving!

    Agustin L.

  • These products are all top notch. I found the safety razor much easier than I was expecting, I’ve actually had less cuts than with a cartridge razor... The YouTube tutorial was very useful too. Would definitely recommend.

    Ross J.

  • Great quality products and kit. The razor doesn’t have the closest shave however that’s to be expected for a beginner one. I would definitely recommend this product

    John M.

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