St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day

Green shamrock on a black pot of gold and a green shiny hat for St Patrick's DayCelebrate St. Patrick's Day this year with the ubiquitous colour green at the Executive Shaving Company. Check out these stunning shaving products below: high-quality shaving brushes and razors, wonderful shaving creams, fragrances and more.

Use discount code – STPAT10 – to save 10% OFF any of the products listed below. This offer is valid from the 15th of March through to Midnight on the 17th of March. This code is not applicable to any other products on the website.

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If you need any advice or more information about these products then 'phone us on +44 (0)141 880 3040, email us, or use the We are here! Livechat function on the website.

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